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Best Wedding Photos of 2018

This Wedding Photographer Shared His Favorite Shots, and They Will Take Your Breath Away

Best Wedding Photos of 2018

Photographer Jeffrey Lewis Bennett first impressed us with his cool wedding GIFs, and now he's back with some seriously spectacular photos that will have you believing in the inexplicable magic of love.

The Detroit-based wedding photographer travels all over the US covering weddings and engagements and along the way has captured some beautifully romantic and emotional moments between couples.

Out of all the thousands of photos Bennett has taken this past year, he's sharing his favorite wedding and engagement photos and GIFs of 2018. From a newlywed couple's spontaneous tree swing to another's epic sunset kiss with the Pacific Coast as the backdrop, these shots perfectly represent the joyful, silly, fun, beautiful, and uniquely magical sides of love.

See the extraordinary wedding photos and GIFs ahead.

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