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Guy Fakes Action Movie to Propose

This Guy Faked an Action Movie to Propose, and It Was Explosive — Literally

Sex, danger, action, and awesome outfits? Yeah, Bond girls get a pretty sweet deal. Most of us only get to watch James Bond movies go down, but one lucky bride-to-be got to actually get in on the action. Cymber's boyfriend coordinated with his brother to have her participate in an elaborate action scene of a short video, but really, it was a ruse. Scott set up the whole thing in order to execute an explosive proposal, and it all played out better than a Hollywood hit. Read what Cymber told How He Asked about the big day, then watch the amazing video:

I am currently in Physician Assistant school and to celebrate finishing my second trimester, Seth decided to take me to NYC for the first time. Thursday morning, I finished my last final and headed to see Seth (who lives in a different town). Our only plans for that evening was to help his brother, who is fairly well known for his special effects skills on YouTube, make a short action video. The overall premise was to be somewhat James Bond like where there would be guns, helicopters shooting at us, and a big explosion. Naturally, I was really extremely excited and NERVOUS because this was the first video his brother was letting me be in. Seth wore a suit and I wore one of my favorite dresses. We headed to the top of a local car garage around sunset for the video. It started out with his brother making me run all over the garage in heels and shooting at fake helicopters. Of course I was trying my hardest and the final scene was for me to be thrown against the side of the concrete pillar, pull myself up, and look over the side. I was NOT supposed to turn around because Seth was supposedly to have shrapnel in his back and thus me seeing him for the first time was to be dramatic.

Trying to be in character as much as possible, I was looking over the edge and didn't turn around until I heard "Cymber." I turned around and the love of my life was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.

I cried hysterically with joy and then I hear "that's a wrap!'"

Watch the action-packed (and adorable) proposal, and see more at How He Asked.

Image Source: How He Asked
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