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Guys at the Gym That Remind You of an Ex

7 Guys You See At the Gym That Remind You of an Ex

You would think the gym would be a great place to meet a hot, fit, and healthy date. But what if some of these guys seem familiar? Our friends at Never Liked It Anyway tell us about the seven types of guys you see at the gym and that will remind you of an ex.

We've all been at the gym (especially with this overly crowded time of year) and noticed types of men that remind us of maybe not so great types we've dated in the past. Here's our list of guys we need to remind ourselves: Never. Again.

1. Hot Trainer Guy: Somehow he seems to only have attractive female clients that don't look like they need any kind of training. And look, oh, he's always willing to stretch them out at the end of the session… memories of "no dear, she's just a friend" come to mind.


2. Douchey Mirror Guy: You want to run off the treadmill to slap him in the face and tell him as he flexes two seconds after finishing his bicep curls that nothing looks different. But you understand his need for this satisfaction, because you remember from experience how those roids have made other places smaller. Whatever makes him feel better…

3. Random Guy Who Offers Unsolicited Advice on Your Form: He made you take out your headphones to tell you to tuck in your elbows more and then wants to follow you around for the rest of your work out? I don't think so, buddy. You fake a smile and remember the time you threw a red shirt in with your ex's whites so he would finally shut up and do his own damn laundry, since he knew how to do everything "better," anyway.

4. Crazy Punching Bag Guy: So much aggression. So hot. Wait, stop, remember: he's crazy. No one has that much built up angst. Look at him all alone in that corner, not worried about anyone else around him except his workout. He's probably different than the last one, right? *Flashbacks of crying after sex*

5. Guy Who Matches his Hat, Shirt, Shorts, Socks & Sneakers: Oh, God forbid you go on a date when it's raining and he scuffs up his kicks. Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much" comes to mind. You don't want to get dressed up to the nines for every single date again.

6. Hot Guy Who Smiles At You Every day: Oh wait, actually he's smiling at the other hot guy behind you. Now they're both going into the locker room. Definitely was smiling at the guy behind you. Dammit, don't make that mistake again.

7. Sweet, Quiet Looking Guy Running on the Treadmill: Really? Who can keep up with that pace? Better question: who actually enjoys running? You can't start up that hobby again just to spend time with this guy. Single is definitely better than running every day.

So next time you see that cutie and even think of approaching, turn up your headphones and think again.

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