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Hallmark Transgender Celebration Cards

Hallmark Celebrates Gender Transitioning With This Beautiful Butterfly Card

During a time where many LGBTQIA+ people are feeling uncertain of their rights, Hallmark is showing its support for the community by offering cards that encourage those who are transitioning to embrace their journey. Twitter user @renatasnacks recently spotted one of Hallmark's heartwarming cards and snapped a few photos to share with her followers.

"I've never seen Hallmark cards for gender transitioning before! Capitalism triumphs over hate??," Renata Sancken wrote in a now-viral tweet which has since racked up over 22,000 "likes" and over 8,000 retweets. "You're becoming who you've always been," the front of the card reads. Once opened, the Hallmark card reminds those who are transitioning of how "wonderful" their transition really is. You can buy the card on Hallmark's website here for $4.

This isn't the first time Hallmark has showed its LGBTQ+ pride. Back in February, the company released its third Valentine's Day commercial featuring real-life gay couples. See Hallmark's thoughtful transitioning card, which features a beautiful butterfly on the front cover, in full above.

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