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Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just This Viral Hurricane Harvey Hero? Yep, It's Just Him

World, meet Rescue Bae, the sexy man who went viral after helping with Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts in Texas.

Rescue Bae's real name is actually Raz Halili, and he runs an oyster business in San Leon, TX, ABC 13 reports. After Harvey ripped through Texas, he and his cousin used jetskis and an oyster boat to help the Coast Guard save those stranded by the flooding. When Ariel Marie, a Port Authority woman, received the above selfie from her friend who was rescued by Raz, she shared it on Facebook and mass hysteria ensued. His photo sent thousands into a full-on swooning frenzy โ€” because, well, just look at him! That defined jawline. Those piercing, dark eyes. That scruffy facial hair. Would you like us to keep going?

As soon as Facebook users scrolled past Raz's smoldering snapshot, they couldn't resist offering up nearly 3,000 incredibly thirsty, downright hilarious comments, many of which were noting how he bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Shemar Moore. We've outlined the most entertaining comments below for your enjoyment.

  • "Got a jawline for days!"
  • "All of a sudden, I can't swim."
  • "I got something for him to rescue, it's wet like water, but he won't need a boat."
  • "Is it too late to pick up oyster fishing?"
  • "Damn! He's fine! He needs to be on a soap or show or something on TV. Whew!"
  • "It's the smolder . . ."
  • "Gimee dat."
  • "Fine ass sexy ass daddy bae."
  • "Lord blessed my soul with this selfie today."
  • "Umm he can come rescue me any day."
  • "Oh good lord ladies simmer down."

The thirst for Rescue Bae is real, and it's 100 percent warranted in our book. Feeling #blessed by this handsome hero.

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