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This Painting Sums Up Married Life in the Most Hilariously Sweet Way

While peeing the other day — bathroom door wide open — and recounting my day to my boyfriend of almost five years, I had to ask myself an honest question: is the romance dead in my relationship? After a few seconds of thinking about how incredibly comfortable I am being myself around him, about how he knows that I hate flowers except sunflowers, and how he picks out my favorite flavor of gum and brings it to me just because he's thinking about me while buying a lock at the hardware store, I realized the romance isn't dead, it's just different than it used to be. And I kind of like it more.

Anyone who is married or in a long-term relationship knows that true love means something different to everyone, and while it's not always pretty, that doesn't mean it isn't just as wonderful. An Imgur user posted a painting her husband made for her when she commented on the fact that he had never painted them together, and the image sums up married life in a nutshell. I love the realness of the photo, probably because I can relate to pretty much everything happening in it (seriously, wearing pants at home is completely pointless). Check out the hilariously sweet (and accurate) image.

I ask my husband if he realises he has never actually painted us both in the same painting...

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