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The Mindy Project I Slipped Episode

"I Slipped" Is the New "Just the Tip"

Like a couple dabbling in some light anal play, The Mindy Project keeps pushing the boundaries sexually. This week's episode may mark the first time a network comedy has tackled the subject of butt sex for pretty much an entire episode. It begins when we hear Danny and Mindy getting busy and Mindy squeals, "That doesn't go there!" and Danny says, "I slipped!" But she doesn't believe it's an accident, and Peter confirms, no man ventures there on accident.

Though no one on the show ever actually says "butt sex"— instead opting for euphemisms like "fifth base" — the show definitely makes it part of the conversation. In many other ways, Mindy is a highly realistic representation of relationships: I mean, before the sex scene, we see Mindy and Danny eating apple pie and using a nose hair trimmer. But what about the slip? Do you agree with Peter that it's never an accident? Much the way that "just the tip" can be the gateway to intercourse, is "I slipped" a way to start a conversation about anal sex?

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