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Paranormal Love Quiz

Who's Your Paranormal Love Match?

If supernatural studs were fair game for humans, would you be with a whimsical and witty elf or a brooding (and very sexy) vampire? Take our quiz and find out what kind of magical love affair you should be having, if (only) mythical fantasies were fact.

Source: HBO; Front Page , HBO

Image Source: Warner Bros.

What's most important to have in a relationship?

Passion and adventure
Mystery and excitement
Wit and intelligence
Fun and ease
Good conversation
A deep connection

Pick a sky:

If you could have one supernatural skill or talent, what would it be?

Extremely heightened senses
Ability to heal
Magic powers
Superhuman strength

Choose your favorite fantasy book:

What's the best way to show someone you love them?

Good sex
In an intimate way, like a love note
A sweet kiss or cuddle
By always being there for each other
By saying it

Pick your poison:

What is your idea of a perfect date with your significant other?

A quiet picnic on a sunny day
A fancy romantic dinner by the ocean
A gallery opening or book release
Cuddling on the couch with a good movie
Rock climbing, hiking, canoeing
A long talk by a warm fire

Choose a sexy Halloween costume:

Which negative quality in your significant other could you overlook?

Bad temper
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