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Romantic Weekly Horoscope

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The primary object of your love -- or is it lust? -- is more likely your career than a person as the week begins. If you're coupled up, though, remember to let your sweetie know you care (try going out of your way to show it!). From later on Tuesday through Thursday, while the energy's not red hot, putting your head together with a certain someone can get some great ideas generated. And -- darn -- an overture you make might not quite find its mark around Friday or Saturday. But -- hello! -- you're definitely red hot starting Sunday. How about a brunch date?
They say opposites attract, and that looks true for you as the week begins. You're level-headed and grounded, but the person who attracts your attention (or maybe has the perspective you need) might have their head in the clouds. But from later on Tuesday through Thursday, you want someone or something reliable -- tried-and-true suits you now. If you don't have a stable romantic relationship, seek solace with a dear, trusted friend -- help and understanding is favored all through the weekend. Around Friday or Saturday, you might just feel comfortable enough to share a new feeling.
Your usual magic touch with flirting and romance isn't as strong as usual when the week begins. If you're in a relationship, this might be a signal that a deeper issue needs to be addressed, while singles should bide their time. From later on Tuesday through Thursday, you're more attuned to intellectual understanding than to interpersonal subtleties. However, if you apply those smarts to love-life problem-solving, you can make some real progress. Life looks busy around Friday or Saturday, and something you want to communicate needs its own time and space. Schedule it for Sunday.
Get caught up on work as the week begins, when responsibilities take precedence over romance. Your challenge in the love department around Tuesday through Thursday involves an intellectual understanding of an emotionally fraught issue. It's tempting to fret or swoon, but adding in some brainpower gives you a lot more to go on. On Friday and Saturday, you're good to go, according to the stars -- this is prime time to explore a relationship (new or old) or the potential for one. You definitely 'get it' now, and good for you. On Sunday, though, go slow!
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As the week begins, be generous and don't be proud. It's not so much about what you want now; rather, it's about what you have to give (which is a lot!). Real romance requires you to be humble (at least a bit). With your pride aside, especially from later on Tuesday through Thursday, much learning about love can be accomplished. Something's less than clear on Friday or over the weekend, and the multitude of emotions involved doesn't help. Listen to your instincts, but let your intellect weigh in as well. You can handle this with grace.
Monday and Tuesday may not strike you as days naturally ripe for romance, but this week they just might be very fruitful for love, indeed. Why be a (total) workaholic when things look lucky in other departments? If you're coupled up, be gentle with your sweetie around Wednesday and Thursday; if you're single, be sure to give someone a chance! No one's perfect (except you, of course, but you'll keep that to yourself, right?). Loose social plans or casual dates are best this weekend. Your only expectation? To have fun!
Feeling a little gloomy as the week begins? Well, you can't always be up -- that would give you no point of comparison. Relax, think about why you're feeling this way and get some exercise to feel renewed. Sometime later on Tuesday, you'll want to welcome some fresh, hot energy with open arms. Can you feel the cosmic love? It's there for you over the next few days, so make the most of it. You're hot! The energy's more warm than hot from Friday through the weekend, when quieter, cozy time with close friends (or a certain someone, or alone) is best. Enjoy life's little sweetnesses.
You've got a way with a compliment, an invitation or generally showing your interest as the week begins. Use all methods of communication for your love interests! From later on Tuesday through Thursday, though, look out: Interpersonal interactions tend toward conflict now. It's not necessarily a bad thing -- in fact, you might even get a charge out of it. However, how you react and resolve is very important, especially in the realm of romance. Can you compromise for Cupid? He'll be on your side from Friday through the weekend, heating passions up and getting things going -- if you're ready to give.
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You're much more down-to-earth than usual as the week gets going, and while you're feeling so grounded, take a close and realistic look at your love life. What do you want, and how are you going about getting it? The universe provides food for thought in the love department from later on Tuesday through Thursday. Watch for a sign, for a certain conversation, for a bright and beautiful idea. Your weekend may not get off the ground quickly; you're a bit out of it and just dealing with the day-to-day. But starting Sunday, you're hot! Make some unusual plans with intriguing people (or that certain someone).
You can accomplish all sorts of things as the week gets going. Hint: What you put on the agenda for later in the week is especially favored. Think dates as well as work meetings! Around Wednesday and Thursday, you're leery of something (or someone) new, but you're also intrigued, aren't you? Explore a bit! Love is in the air on Friday and Saturday. Let your soft side show, let the sweetness flow and maybe even let yourself go. Forget the outcome and follow your heart. On Sunday, your usual routine goes better with an element or two slightly altered.
Love works in mysterious ways, but as the week begins, your love life might just seem like it's not really working -- and indeed, it's a mystery why. Examine your own heart, and ask the important questions of yourself and any other pertinent parties. From later on Tuesday through Thursday, the kind of change you need is easy to effect -- maybe in part because you're so incredibly hot right now. Self-confidence equals sexiness! When the weekend comes, a fun date or great gift is much more about your unique thought than the cash involved. Put some extra time into it.
Some helpful love advice is in the stars as the week begins -- are you giving it, getting it or (ideally) a little of both? Your heart may be going pitter-pat, but watch out for your mind going in circles from later on Tuesday through Thursday. If you're looking for something amazing -- whether with somebody new or your dear old certain someone -- Friday and Saturday are the days (and nights!) to find it. You're smart, intuitive, sexy and more now. Use those love superpowers! Sunday's good for dreaming, and you're great at that.
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