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Sex Education in America

This John Oliver Video About Sex-Ed Is Hilarious — and Eye-Opening

Remember when you were in seventh grade and a lady in a pantsuit from some external organization you forgot the name of visited your class and talked about sex? You were all, "OK, this is better than pre-algebra, I guess."

Albeit fuzzy, the memories I have of sex-ed are corny videos featuring adolescents who were all too eager to unzip their pants. We giggled, rolled our eyes, and squirmed at our desks. I also remember, with surprising clarity, one clip spotlighting a teen with an STI and the heartbreak and pain that came with her disease. It was sad, and it also made us rethink protection . . . which I suppose was the point.

My experience with sex-ed wasn't bad at all — in fact, it was pretty enlightening and intelligent compared to some of the atrocious methods seen above in John Oliver's commentary (gotta love that guy). And while the comedian will have you holding your sides at certain parts (Jonathan Banks's bowling video is GOLD), you'll also be wowed at the need for better sex education in this country. As always, thanks for informing us, J.O.

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