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Signs a Guy Will Be Good in Bed

7 Signs Your Man Will Be Amazing in Bed

You've met someone. And this time? You think you might actually like him. When his name starts to get peppered into your conversations with friends, that's when they start popping the questions:

  • Did you two kiss?
  • Have you done it?
  • What's he like in bed?

The questions fall out of their mouths like wildfire but the fact remains that you haven't done the deed with him yet. It's just been intense makeout sessions or perhaps not even that. So how do you know if this new man is going to deliver when it comes time to hit the sheets? Well, there's no scientific guarantee to measure whether your man is going to curl your toes or not, but there are a few signs that say you might have snagged a hot one!

And if you have? Enjoy and do tell the ladies. Not everyone can be so fortunate to have a man that makes love and does the deed like a champ!

1. He's Charming

I hate to say it but if you've got a man that could take candy from a baby, he might be a bit of a jerk but he most certainly will be the BOMB in bed! A guy that has confidence to pull moves all while making strangers swoon is going to have the same finesse in bed. I remember one of my favorite bedmates. He was definitely a player, but his charm was disarming and worked on me.

If he has charm at the coffeehouse, wait until you're behind closed doors with him. It's all over, sweets!

2. He Notices Everything

Does this new man notice everything about you? Does he realize that you sit with your right leg always crossed over the left and does he then tell you he notices this? Is the new guy asking where you got that necklace from or does he point out when you sound tired or stressed?

A man who is attentive to you and the things about you in everyday life will be just as attentive to what you do and don't like in bed. A detail-oriented man is bound to provide you with pleasure to last (hopefully) hours.

3. He's Hands On

I'm not saying that men who are not affectionate are bad in bed. That's not the case. I have met a few who are cooler at the bar and hot back at their place, but the man who is quick to use his hands (respectfully so — I'm not talking about the random grabber at the bar who doesn't mind his manners) to touch your cheek, push back a lock of hair, or rub your back is the man who wants to touch all parts of you, and that's a damn good thing. If he likes to be affectionate and he's able to control his desires? Not only will he be amazing in bed but he's also a gentleman. Give yourself a round of applause if you snatched that type of guy up for yourself and word to the wise: don't share!

4. OK, He's Very Hands On

If he works with his hands and is skilled at manual labor, don't be surprised if he handles you with the same adept care that he does a hammer and nails.

The same applies for the guitarist and painter. Yes, there's a reason even the homeliest of rock stars have a plethora of beauties, and it's not always about the money but about that hand dexterity. Girls, there's nothing quite like a man who knows how to work his two hands.

5. He's Comfortable in His Skin

Look, we've all met the Adonis type who was underwhelming in the bedroom. Muscles and low body fat won't translate to a smooth killer sexually. But if the man is comfortable with his body and isn't the type to wear the shirt in the pool, I can tell you he is most likely going to be comfortable enough to play like a champ in bed if he feels confident in his own skin. We have all met the man with the charisma of a god and the body of a log, yet that didn't stop that man from appealing to us. Confidence is sexy in both sexes!

6. He's Verbal

Does he tell you he can't wait to see you? Is he all about praising you? Even if he's a little clumsy or uncertain at first, the man who has nothing but great things to say about you — and who does it to your face — is going to bring that same praise to the bedroom ring. Believe me, you will enjoy the man who showers you with genuine verbal praise. All that is key here is that he means it.

Sure, could he have said a few of the same lines to someone else? Perhaps, but the man who is good in bed would never let that on, nor would he tell you you're smoking hot if he didn't mean it. Very few men will tell a woman how they feel, so if you've found one that does, most likely you're going to melt at his touch.

7. He's Experienced

Sorry, not sorry. As a woman of a certain age, I've got some serious newbies chasing me, and as sweet and attractive as they are, they're clueless in bed and you can't blame them. The man who is older or simply experienced (we all know, ladies, when a man is experienced) is going to rock your world in bed because, quite honestly, he's had the time in the "wild" to understand us females and he's figured out our number.

Enjoy the experienced man because he will teach you a thing or two. Even if your guy isn't stellar in bed right out of the gate, give him time to work into his groove. It is nerve-racking for most people when you have sex for the first time, so instead of chalking him up as a failure, give it a few go-rounds before saying the sex isn't working. Not to mention, if you don't feel at ease or secure with a man, the sex isn't going to work unless you're looking for a solely physical relationship. If you want more than just a physical connection, make sure this man puts your mind at ease and greater sex will come.

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