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Signs He Really Loves You

15 Signs He Really Loves You

Although he says he loves you, it is easy to wonder how you can be so sure that he truly means it. Thankfully, Dear Wendy has complied a list of 15 signs that reveal if he really loves you.

Over on the Huffington Post, there's an article called "Does He Love You? How to Tell" that suggests actions speak louder than words, which, hopefully, will come as a surprise to exactly no one. Unfortunately, the article doesn't provide too many examples of tell-able actions to look for, but luckily, you all have me. After the jump, I've got 15 signs he loves you — he really, really loves you.

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  1. Instead of texting, he actually calls.
  2. He uses the pronoun "we" with regularity.
  3. He takes allergy medication so he can hang with your cat.
  4. He let's you watch Real Housewives even when his team's playing.
  5. He knows your favorite flower.

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  1. He knows you secretly like Justin Bieber and he hasn't told a soul.
  2. He lets you have the aisle seat.
  3. He likes looking at your baby pictures.
  4. He remembers the dates of important occasions, like your birthday, the day you met, and when the newest season of Mad Men starts.
  5. He puts up with your most annoying friends without complaining (too much).

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  1. He puts up with your crazy family without complaining (too much).
  2. He talks about his feelings with you.
  3. He introduces you to his mom and she already knows a lot about you.
  4. He remembers stuff you said way back when you first started dating.
  5. He says so (even when he doesn't want something from you).
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