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Signs of a Strong Relationship

30 Signs Your Relationship Is Strong Enough to Last Forever

When you meet the right person, you just know you've got something special. Those first-date butterflies follow you beyond the infatuation phase, and you find yourself thinking about him or her all the damn time. Even when that first year of not being able to keep your hands off each other starts to simmer, there are other things that make a relationship equipped for the long haul. See if you and your SO are strong enough to last with these 30 signs.

  1. You can have fun together doing absolutely nothing.
  2. You get along with each other's friends.
  3. You're able to work through your problems constructively.
  4. You have a strong friendship with each other.
  5. Their family likes you and vice versa.
  6. Nobody else can make you laugh harder or smile bigger.
  7. You can be yourselves around each other.
  8. You cherish your moments together.
  9. There's nobody else you'd rather be stuck in an elevator with.
  10. They make you a better person.
  11. You can't imagine a future without them.
  12. You never feel the pressure to change for your partner.
  13. You don't let jealousy get in the way because you know the value of your relationship.
  14. It just feels right with him or her.
  15. Every corny love song doesn't seem as corny anymore.
  16. When they're hurt, you're hurt.
  17. You always have each other's backs.
  18. You rarely have anything to argue about.
  19. You never have to question your love for each other.
  20. They're the first person you go to about news and/or problems.
  21. Your relationship is undoubtedly healthy.
  22. You love doing things for each other without being asked.
  23. You're teammates as much as you are lovers.
  24. You love showing each other affection.
  25. You trust each other.
  26. You have a healthy sex life.
  27. You don't hold grudges against each other.
  28. You don't have to force things to work, they just do.
  29. You genuinely want the best for each other.
  30. They're the only person you want to be with.
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