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Signs You're Unhappy in Your Relationship

6 Signs You're Unhappy in Your Relationship

Some people stay in their relationships for all the wrong reasons. They ignore their unhappiness for the sake of comfort or for fear of being alone, but it doesn't benefit either partner in the long run. Some are just in denial of how unsatisfied they really are. If these six signs sound familiar, it's time to end your relationship or reevaluate some things.

1. You'd rather spend your time with others.

If you're not looking forward to going home to see your significant other, it's a bad sign. It's healthy to spend time apart and to maintain your own lives but problematic if you'd rather spend your free time with other people. If it's the case of being sick of your SO because of too much time spent together, try giving yourselves a breather and seeing how you feel when you reunite.

2. The thought of being single excites you even in the slightest.

After being with your partner for years on end, it's natural to explore the thought of being with other people. But once the idea starts sounding better than staying in your relationship, it could mean you want out. Are you reconnecting with exes? Flirting when you're out? If so, end things before somebody gets hurt or you do something regrettable.


3. Putting effort into your relationship seems exhausting.

It's always unfair when one partner completely stops trying. If they follow your lack of effort, it will result in a dead relationship. If you really care for and love your SO, you should want to keep working at it even when it's hard. It shouldn't seem like such a chore to you, either.

4. Your sex drive is at an all-time low.

When was the last time you initiated sex? Do you admit to even avoiding sex at times? There are other factors that can play into an individual's arousal level, like stress, but if it's none of those issues, maybe you're just not into your partner anymore. If it doesn't seem like you can bounce back after trying to spice things up, it's definitely not going to work out.

5. You don't care about the outcome after a fight.

In the beginning, you used to want to fix things constructively. You tried your best to stay patient and level-headed because you didn't want to jeopardize things. Now, you couldn't care less whether your next fight ends up in a breakup or not, so you're more hostile than you'd normally be or less invested. Take the way you handle conflict in your relationship as an important indicator.

6. The thought of a future together freaks you out.

And not in a good way. You get anxiety just thinking about it and feel uneasy picturing yourselves together in the long haul. Trust your gut and listen to what all these signs are telling you. If you can't handle a future with your partner, what's keeping you around now?

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