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Thursday Horoscopes

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Mar 21 - Apr 19
Apr 20 - May 20
May 21 - June 21
June 22nd - July 22nd
You may not be a manager in the strict sense of the term, but your ability to put people to work is peaking right now, so make the most of it! You can marshal the troops and get them marching in the right direction.
Your plans should ccoalesce quite well today, so you can worry about the future if you need to worry about something. Your good energy should boost your mood, though, so enjoy it!
See if you can get a little clarity from your family today -- though it may take a lot longer than you'd like! It's one of those days when you'd rather get folks to get along than ask them to make sense.
One issue can't be ignored today -- and yes, it's the one you most want to walk away from! You actually do have the right kind of energy to handle it, but it may take some effort.
July 23 - Aug 22
Aug 23 - Sept 22
Sept 23 - Oct 22
Oct 23 - Nov 21
You know exactly what you want, but you may not know exactly how to get it. Today brings a new determination on your part, so go for the next milestone and enjoy the success you find there.
You hit the jackpot -- not literally, but in a way that is deeply satisfying to you. It really feels great when you can see the good results of your labor, and today proves the adage that hard work pays off.
You find yourself up against the wall in one way or another, and that could mean that you've got to deal with people who you ordinarily don't like counting on. Step up and take care of business.
that great mental energy is still with you, and you may bust out with some hot new ideas that your colleagues or family are sure to love. Make sure that you speak up so they know what's going on.
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Feb 19 - Mar 20
Your way of seeing things is unique, and that is a huge advantage on days like today. See if you can talk your friends into trusting you blindly while you set them up for good times ahead.
Expect some good news today, though it may come at any time and relate to nearly any aspect of your life. Take it with pride, no matter how small it seems -- you never know what is to become important.
You have one important task to take care of today, and you need to whip yourself into a frenzy to make sure you're taking charge. It's one of those days that demands strict discipline from you.
Your leadership style is pretty low-key, for the most part, and today you may need to use it in order to get some progress made. At work or at home, it's a good idea to show what you've got.
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