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This Couple's Hack For Smuggling Snacks Into the Movies Is Going Viral

If you like to live life on the edge, or you just don't want to shell out half of your paycheck for some popcorn and candy, one of the ultimate thrills can be sneaking snacks into the movie theater. Between deciding what size bag you bring and what goods you think you can get away with, this ambitious feat requires a bit of planning. However, one couple is winning the internet with their genius method.

After this video of a pair headed to the movie theater was posted to Twitter, it's quickly gone viral as the ultimate movie-date hack. In the hysterical clip, a couple stashes soda and snacks into an empty car seat, covers it with a blanket, simply strolls into the theater, and unloads their goods once the lights go out. While some might give you looks for supposedly bringing an infant into a quiet movie theater, this hack has childless people ready to invest in a car seat!

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