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Replacing "Wand" With "Penis" in Harry Potter Will Ruin Your Childhood in the Most Hilarious Way

I am speechless. I am literally without speech. I'm in this state after being shown what may be the most hilarious/f*cked up Harry Potter-related thing out there in the world. While carrying a long stick and waving it around undeniably lends itself to all sorts of innuendos, Tumblr users took the phallic humor to the next level by swapping "penis" with "wand" in sentences from the books. And whatever shred of innocence I had left inside of my muggle soul flew swiftly away, never to be seen again. Proceed with extreme caution if you value your childhood and/or are not prepared to laugh so hard you cry openly in front of the people around you.

. . . aaand there's more:

Image Source: Everett Collection
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