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Which Dating Show Should You Go On?

We're about to finish up the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, a spinoff of The Bachelor, one of the biggest dating show franchises to pave the way for such quality reality TV series as Dating Naked and I Wanna Marry "Harry." We've seen some classic dating shows come and go over the years, but which one would be the best fit for you in your televised quest for love? Take this quiz to find out!

What are you most likely to read?

Daily Mail
Rolling Stone
The Huffington Post

Choose a vacation home.

You're at a party and you spot your crush. You . . .

Chat with him for a bit, then exchange numbers.
Awkwardly stare at him but never say hi.
Crack a joke to get his attention.
Take a couple shots then make out.
Flirt with him even though you have a boyfriend.
Steal him away from the girl he's talking to.

Who is your favorite Bachelorette star?

The best kind of date involves . . .

Mutual attraction
Dressing up

What's your biggest relationship flaw?

I have trouble committing.
I don't like change.
I won't make the first move.
I want what I can't have.
I'm always in the friend zone.
I get jealous easily.

Pick your first-date dress.

Which TV show are you most likely to watch?

Modern Family
Real Housewives
Downton Abbey
The Brady Bunch

When you hear juicy gossip, who's the first person you tell?

The guy I'm into
My diary
I don't spread gossip
My best friend
My mom
My frenemy

Who's hottest?

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