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#WhyIStayed Stories From Domestic Violence Survivors

Twitter Users Share Domestic Violence Stories With #WhyIStayed Hashtag

Two powerful hashtags have Twitter users telling their very real stories of domestic violence. #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft began circulating in response to the release of a violent video of NFL player Ray Rice assaulting his then-fianceé in an elevator, and the hashtags have encouraged honest answers to the often-asked question of why victims stay when they are in an abusive relationship. While some users, like DiGiorno Pizza, have made the mistake of misusing the hashtag, overall the personal accounts by survivors have opened up an important discussion about the many layers of domestic violence and the problems with victim-blaming, and this has raised awareness about an issue that many people are already all too familiar with. See what some had to say below, and check out Vice President Joe Biden's compelling thoughts on the matter.

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