Attracted to Someone Else but in a Relationship? This Advice From TikTok Will Help

There's no denying it — you can go down countless rabbit holes on TikTok. From weird cat videos (my personal favorite) to funny videos that are almost too relatable, this social media app is one where you can find yourself in an array of different places in just one sitting. The latest rabbit hole I've gone down strays away from the typical cat content, and instead focuses on something I didn't think TikTok could offer me: relationship advice. The trending hashtag #relationshiptherapy caught my attention during one late-night scroll, and after watching a few interesting videos about relationships, one stood out to me.

Posted by mental health counselor and relationship coach Michaiah Dominguez, MHC (otherwise known on TikTok as, the video left me with one piece of relationship advice that I've never considered before. It started off with Michaiah asking the following question: "If and when you are ever attracted to someone else, are you telling your partner or not?" My first thought was, "No, of course not," and I wondered why this would even be a question. In the video, Michaiah explained why people might want to talk to their partners about something like this, and the reasons for it seemed much better than the ones against.

My overall takeaway from this piece of "relationship therapy" was that hiding things from your partner isn't healthy — even (or especially!) if the thing is being attracted to someone else. Talking to your significant other about how you feel, why you feel this way, and how to resolve it might make you feel vulnerable in the moment, but you and your partner will end up in a healthier relationship because of it. Give the full video a watch above!