Is It Ever a Good Idea to Travel With an Ex?

Traveling isn't normally something that people do with their exes — that is, unless you're Avery Cyrus and Soph Mosca. The content creators became official in July 2020, and since then, the pair have gained millions of followers by sharing candid videos of themselves on TikTok and YouTube. Even the hashtag #averyandsoph continues to rake in 32.4 million views. To their fans, Cyrus and Mosca were total relationship goals — which is why it was surprising when the two decided to call it quits in August of this year.

Though it's not entirely clear why the two broke up, the fallout became a little messy. Cyrus was rumored to be romantically involved with YouTube personality and dancer JoJo Siwa shortly after the breakup, and Mosca wrote in one comment on a TikTok video, "I wish I didn't care about you so much bc I am so over keeping my mouth shut about what you did to me." Though it's unclear what Mosca was referring to, many believed it was likely the two would not reconcile given the circumstances.

However, in an ultimate change of events, Mosca recently posted a TikTok showing her in a car with Cyrus. In the video, uploaded Dec. 19, Mosca lip syncs to the song "Shabooya" by Hitkidd, Gloss Up, and K Carbon. The text on the video says, "We booked a non-refundable vacation to Europe while we were dating. I didn't take her back. Tf???" She captioned it, "PSA don't book a trip too far in advance or you might get stuck going with your ex (but hey, a win is a win)."

In the days since Mosca posted the video, the viral clip has nearly 4.4 million views. And as expected, fans are flooding the comment section with a variety of reactions. Some are disappointed — one TikTok user wrote, "rip to all Soph's healing." Others are simply surprised, with one TikTok user noting, "The way my JAW DROPPED." But mainly, those in the comment section debated whether they would or wouldn't do the same thing. One TikTok user said, "I would do the same thing girl," while another wrote, "Couldn't pay me to do this. I'm so sorry I'd take the loss and I'm poor."

When we polled some POPSUGAR staffers on whether or not they would go on an already-paid-for, nonrefundable trip with their ex, they were seemingly split as well. Staff writer Melanie Whyte said, "It really depends on the ex. I'm leaning yes because I'm not missing out on a European vacay. But I'm also not sure if I could trust myself not to get drunk and try something at the hotel." Mirel Zaman, wellness content director, responded, "I literally would only do this if I was single and they were single and I was interested in hooking up with them again or getting back together." But Lauren Mazzo, senior fitness editor, advised against ever doing this from her own personal experience. She said, "I actually did this when I was in high school, and it was a disaster. I'm team keep the flights and go solo."

Personally, I don't think traveling with exes should become a trend anytime soon. But hey, if it's your way of seeking closure or finally seeing Europe for the first time, then by all means, do your thing. After all, there's not necessarily a right or wrong answer — both sides could be justified, and there are about a billion different scenarios you could play out in your head. But the topic is definitely bubbling up as a hot theoretical question you should definitely ask your friends over happy-hour drinks. It's sure to spark a fun debate.

As for the future of Cyrus and Mosca's relationship? Well, it is quite literally up in the air as they travel to and from Europe, so who knows what will happen. I guess we'll have to wait until the next round of TikToks.

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