Roses Are Red, Belle Wears Blue, This Beauty and the Beast Wedding Is a Dream Come True

Rebecca Cerasani Photography

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic and beloved by many — including Hannah, who decided to have a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding. It was really fitting that Hannah centered her wedding on this beautiful tale, because her husband-to-be's last name is Rose! Now that's commitment to a theme. (And just think of the wedding hashtag possibilities!) Given the great symbolism of a rose in the story, it is very poetic that they incorporated Beauty and the Beast details into their special day.

"Growing up, I always loved Disney and felt a connection to Belle in Beauty and the Beast with her gentle yet strong and independent nature, coupled with her love of books," Hannah told POPSUGAR. "I knew from the beginning that I wanted to get married in a castle and incorporate my love of Disney into marrying the love of my life."

There are many Disney-esque details in the wedding that are straight out of the movie. The venue was absolutely gorgeous with high ceilings and European architecture. They had a three-tiered cake that was topped with a rose encased in a glass cloche, just like the Beast's enchanted rose. Eric, the groom, even had Lumière and Cogsworth cufflinks! Make sure to check out the gorgeous photos from this unique wedding ahead.