Couple's Engagement Shoot Ended Up at a Black Lives Matter Protest, and the Photos Are So Powerful

When Brittany and Ja'Michael ventured to different beautiful backdrops in downtown Austin to shoot their engagement photos back in early June, they hadn't planned on a Black Lives Matter protest being one of their settings. But for the couple who got engaged last November, posing for their engagement photos amidst a rally where thousands had gathered to fight against police brutality and racial injustice ended up being an important moment they'd never forget.

"The words, 'Black Lives Matter' are more than just a slogan, it is our reality."

"As an African American couple, it was a moment for us to reflect on the importance of Black lives in this nation and also showed others that despite the circumstances of the country, love still prevails," Brittany told POPSUGAR in an email. The photo shoot took place on June 7, the tenth consecutive day of Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd's wrongful death in Austin, so while the couple knew they were still taking place, Brittany and Ja'Michael never thought they'd run into the peaceful demonstrations during their shoot. In fact, the moment came as such a surprise that Ja'Michael found himself shedding a few tears. "As a Black male, my fiancé was very emotional because the words 'Black Lives Matter' are more than just a slogan, it is our reality," Brittany said.

"When we hear the many stories similar to that of George Floyd's untimely death, we see our family members," Brittany added. "We wanted to make sure that we paid tribute to the many lives lost, while capturing modern day Black history as a part of a love story." While snapping their engagement photos was a special occasion in itself, it was particularly meaningful for the couple to have captured the unexpected encounter. "We were able to cheer on the protesters as they fought for justice, while they cheered us on simply for representing Black love," she said. See the striking photos from their shoot ahead.