We'd Like For There to Be a Pink Bathtub Bar at Every Wedding From Now On, Thanks

A bathtub would certainly seem out of place at a wedding reception . . . but what if we told you it was filled with booze? A fairly new service is now offering brides and grooms the option to have a pink, ice-filled bathtub operate as a unique grab-and-go bar. It's called — wait for it — Booze Bath and Beyond.

"I wanted something quite quirky and a bit of a talking point."

Leanne Stewart started up the wedding service in 2018 after using the pink bathtub, which she originally found on a secondhand site, at her own wedding. She told POPSUGAR, "My wedding venue doesn't charge a corkage fee so you can bring your own alcohol to the day. The bar at the venue is situated on the second floor of the building and I wanted our guests to be outside enjoying the sunshine so needed to come up with an idea of where to serve it from." She added, "I wanted something quite quirky and a bit of a talking point."

Photos of Lauren's unconventional bar were soon circulated among various blogs, giving her the idea to rent out the bathtub for other weddings. Clients typically fill up the bathtub with bottles of beer and wine, but Lauren has also seen popsicles thrown in there.

At around $250 to rent the bathtub, Booze Bath and Beyond also includes a copper frame and acrylic sign, and Lauren is currently working on rolling out a navy bathtub with gold feet. "The idea is to have his and hers," she said. However, there is one unfortunate caveat: because of shipping limitations, the service is currently only available in the UK — but hey, hopefully it will spark similar creative ideas for folks getting married elsewhere! Enjoy photos of the pretty bathtub bar ahead.