Are Britney Spears and Her Fiancé Astrologically Compatible? Here's What the Stars Say

In case you didn't know, Britney Spears is getting married. On Sept. 12, the Sagittarius singer got engaged to 27-year-old personal trainer, model, and Pisces Sam Asghari, whom she has been dating since 2016. So on the heels of this celebratory news, we obviously had to go straight to astrology to get more insight into the couple.

To learn more about the iconic singer and her beau, POPSUGAR spoke with Alice Bell, the astrologer for British Vogue and cohost of the Astrology and You podcast. Bell explained that looking at two people's birth charts can give us a lot of information about their relationship dynamics — from initial attraction to communication barriers to longevity. Though Sam's exact birth time is unknown, meaning some key parts of his chart are missing, Bell was still able to identify some of what makes Britney and Sam work. Here's what she told POPSUGAR.

What Can We Learn From Their Sun Signs?

Britney was born on Dec. 2, 1981, making her a Sagittarius Sun, and Sam was born on March 4, 1994, meaning he is a Pisces Sun. Sags and Pisces are not usually thought to make a good match; Sagittarius is a fun-loving fire sign, while Pisces is a sensitive water sign. While Spears and Asghari are not the only successful Sagittarius-Pisces couple (Taylor Swift wrote Lover about a Pisces), this is a match that can raise some eyebrows.

Bell, however, made a case for a Sagittarius-Pisces pairing. "I think those work actually really well together because they're both ruled by the sign of Jupiter," she explained. "So, it's two signs that, though they don't seem to have a lot in common, they're both really big on spirituality and foreign travel and opening their mind to having different experiences." In astrology, Jupiter represents luck and exploration; being ruled by Jupiter indicates an optimism and desire to learn new things that could make for a great match.

Another thing that Sagittarius and Pisces have in common is that they are mutable signs. "There's mutable, fixed, and cardinal signs," Bell said. "Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini are all mutable signs, so they fall in that same category of approaching life in a similar way or similar events might happen to them at the same time." According to Bell, a trait the mutable signs have in common is being adaptable going with the flow. This means that both Britney and Sam take a more relaxed and flexible approach to life, compared to the approaches of cardinal or fixed signs. "It would be harder for a Sagittarius to be with a more fixed sign, like a Taurus, because a Taurus would be so set in their ways or kind of stubborn," Bell explained.

Though Sagittarius and Pisces have some characteristics that make them a counterintuitive couple, Bell says that a little tension between the signs could be the right kind of spice a relationship needs. "I feel like they would be considered incompatible because they come at it like a square to each other, so it's a hard angle where you would think they would clash, but you kind of need that tension in a romantic relationship," she said. "There's no romance or spark if there isn't some kind of tension or something you feel like you're working on as a couple together."

What Can We Learn From Their Big Three?

Of course, in astrology we are more than just our Sun signs. Oftentimes, we talk about our "Big Three" in astrology: our Sun, our Moon, and our rising signs. While all of our placements have an influence on who we are, these three are major players in our birth charts. The Moon rules our emotions and our ascendant sign tells us a lot about how we come across to others. When it comes to determining a couple's compatibility, Bell said she looks at the big three first to see if there are any connections across charts.

Because Sam's birth time is unknown, we don't know his rising sign — another placement that could solidify our confidence in the couple — but they do share one major Big Three connection: his Moon is in Sagittarius. "That's one of the strongest things you could have between a couple is when the sun and moon are in the same sign," Bell told POPSUGAR. "That's a sense of understanding each other's emotional needs, and that's a sense of feeling at home with the other person."

What Does Their Mars Connection Mean?

Bell also pointed out that the couple have a lot of Mars connections. Mars, which is the planet that rules sex and aggression, can help explain how the two first got together. "Mars is more of a sexual planet and it's not so much lasting, but it points to why they're attracted to each other," Bell explained.

"He has Mars and Mercury in Aquarius and she has her Moon in Aquarius, and that definitely indicates initial sexual attraction," Bell said. This makes sense given that Britney and Sam met when he played her love interest in a particularly sexual music video for her song "Slumber Party" in 2016.

Additionally, Bell pointed out that Britney has her Mars in Virgo, which is opposite all Sam's Pisces planets. "I see a lot in couples' charts, the oppositions between signs," Bell said. "So Virgo and Pisces would be opposite one another and that again points to attraction because her Mars is opposite his Sun and Venus in Pisces."

According to Astrology, Will It Last?

Britney and Sam also have a Saturn connection, which indicates that their love could last. Saturn is the planet in astrology that is connected to long-term, commitment and discipline, so having a connection in this part of their chart is a good sign for the couple.

"He has Saturn in the early degrees of Pisces and that connects with her Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius," Bell said. "I always say with Saturn connections — if someone's Saturn connects to another person's in two charts — that always points to the relationship being able to go the distance and wanting to work together, and feeling like you have a sense of duty and responsibility to each other."

The couple has a lot to look forward to in the future. "They're going to have a lot of relationship growth and happiness starting around the summer of 2022," Bell predicted. "I feel like they could probably be getting married next summer or early next fall, if not then early 2023." Send us an invite, Britney!