You Can Buy a Butt-Shaped Pillow on Amazon, and We're Honestly Crying

There's a reason working your glutes is so important — your backside provides your whole body with protection and comfort all day long, and it only seems fair that a great pillow should do the same at night. Forget memory foam, The Buttress Pillow ($69) is literally shaped like an ample backside, providing ergonomic comfort and neck support — and a good amount of laughs. No matter whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper, this insanely soft pillow promises to be the perfect companion for sweet dreams.

Created from 100 percent premium natural latex made from tree sap, this pillow features a silky inner cover as well as an easy-to-wash yoga-pant pillow cover (in turquoise, black, and white). You may have thought thick booties were only good for turning heads, but this cozy and hilariously kitschy pillow proves that butts are great for cradling heads, too! Shop it ahead, and be sure to check out these other supercomfy pillows.