This Couple's Personal Engagement Shoot Proves Home Is Where the Heart Is

Nikk Nguyen Photo

While most engagement shoots usually take place outdoors, Chelsea and Marty decided to go in a different direction and gave their shoot an extremely personal touch. They had just finished renovating their home in East Austin and decided it would be the perfect spot to celebrate their engagement, and the photos couldn't have turned out better!

Their vibrant home perfectly reflects their individual styles, which is what makes it the best backdrop for this shoot with an added layer of intimacy. "They showed me their favorite spots around their home, played some LP's, and took their dogs for a walk," Nikkolas Nguyen, the photographer for this shoot, told POPSUGAR. "I was able to capture Chelsea and Marty in the environment where they felt the most comfortable, so they were really able to be themselves. This resulted in authentic photographs of the life they share together."

Doing the shoot at their house had many benefits. In addition to the couple feeling completely relaxed, which allowed them to have more fun with it, Nikkolas said they also didn't have to search for hidden photo ops and knew exactly where to pose. Their adorable dogs also got to participate, which led to some truly wholesome moments! Keep reading to see the photos from this absolutely heartwarming shoot.