Need More Cute Animal Content? Follow the Pets of Netflix's Pet Stars on Instagram!

Are you an animal-lover on the search for your next light, feel-good binge on Netflix? Pet Stars might just be up your speed! In the series, Melissa May Curtis and Colleen Wilson of the animal media company Pets on Q scout for animal talent as they work with clients and swing by pet competitions. The show features cute critters for everybody, whether you love cats, dogs, bunnies, tortoises, birds, or pigs. If you couldn't get enough of the adorable animals on the series, you can follow many of them on Instagram. Scroll ahead to learn where you can check out all the animal influencers featured on Pet Stars!

Puka the Dog and Rocket Larry the Tortoise

Puka the Dog and Larry the Tortoise are the best of friends, despite being from different species! Scroll through pictures and videos of them hanging out with their new sibling Willie, a foster pup.

Instagram: @chilberg

Charlie the Dalmatian

Charlie is Colleen's deaf shelter Dalmatian, hence his Instagram handle @deafdal. His Instagram is full of tutorials for training deaf dogs, as well as highlights of his everyday life.

Instagram: @deafdal

Prince Michael the Cat

Prince Michael is animal director Aaron Benitez's cat, who's been with Benitez since the beginning of his career. You can also find the rest of Aaron's companions on Instagram @aaronsanimals.

Instagram: @michaelismename

Terra the Australian Shepherd and Kronos the Cattle Dog

In Pet Stars, Pets on Q hires Terra the Australian Shepherd and Kronos the cattle dog to work on a commercial for Pet Krewe, a pet costume company. Both Terra and Kronos are trick dogs who also work as canine models!

Instagram: @tiffanysdiamonddogs

Koa the Hen

Koa is a 2-year-old hen who's able to do all kinds of cool tricks, from plank walking to pulling off socks. On her page, you'll find all of her travels and performances, as well as pictures of her handler Lauren's dogs!

Instagram: @koa.trick.chicken

Beau the Cockatoo

According to his profile, Beau is a sassy 15-year-old Cockatoo living in Calabasas. From head twirling to kissing, Beau has plenty of tricks up his fluffy white feathers.

Instagram: @mr_beau_jangles

Jenny the Bearded Dragon

Melissa from Pets on Q adopted Jenny while she and Colleen attended a reptile convention. You can often find Jenny in a sparkly 'fit, funky glasses, or a crown.

Instagram: @unicorndragonprincess

Bini the Bunny

Bini the Bunny is a lovable pet bunny of many talents. He can paint, play basketball, style hair, play instruments, and more!

Instagram: @binithebunny

Animal Tracks, Inc.

Animal Tracks, Inc. isn't exactly a featured pet, but Pets on Q did help the Los Angeles animal sanctuary zhuzh up its internet footprint. Here's Maci the Monkey!

Instagram: @animaltracksinc

Bentley the Pomeranian

Bentley the Pomeranian is known as the world's most stylish dog! Scroll Bentley's feed to find him in all kinds of costumes, from cowboy to postal worker 'fits!

Instagram: @bentleythepom

Darcy and Daisy the Spaniels

Darcy and Daisy are siblings whose overall brand is basically cute! Their beautifully curated feed follows their adorable adventures throughout the seasons.

Instagram: @darcyanddaisy

Bethanee Hamilton the Frenchie

Named after the surfer Bethany Hamilton, Bethanee is a three-legged rescue Frenchie and cancer survivor. In the series, Bethanee is chosen to work with Pet Releaf to promote CBD oil for pets.

Instagram: @pardonthyfrench

Arbor the Painting Dog

Arbor is more specifically known as Arbor the painting dog. On Arbor's Instagram, you'll find a healthy collection of art pieces and daily activities.

Instagram: @govegasdog

Prince Dudeman the Dog

A dog-surfing champion, Prince Dudeman is also all about that beach life! Prince's thing is that he can stand on heads, and he's a registered therapy dog, too.

Instagram: @thoranddudeman

Abbie Girl the Kelpie

A surfing champion, Abbie Girl sadly passed away before the series came out. Abbie's owner Mike, a videographer, found her at an animal shelter and started taking her out to the beach.

Instagram: @abbiesurfs

Derby the Golden Doodle

Derby's a surfing champ with a bold blue mohawk to match the waves. Derby's owner Kentucky has a matching mohawk, too!

Instagram: @derbycalifornia

Watson and Kiko the Golden Retrievers

Look no further for wholesome content. Watson and Kiko are two brother pups spreading joy on Instagram with their adorable hugging and snuggling pics.


Pompous Albert the Selkirk Rex Cat

Named after Albert Einstein, Pompous Albert is a Selkirk Rex breed with a fierce face. Albert's feed is full of witty, grumpy captions to match his resting fierce face!

Instagram: @pompous.albert