These Rainbow Mickey Ears Prove Disneyland Is Ready to Celebrate Pride Month!

Just when we thought Disney might slow down on releasing new versions of Mickey ears, these rainbow ears hit our Instagram feeds and renewed our excitement all over again. The brand has released new red hats with rainbow Mickey ears featuring two Mickey hands forming a rainbow heart, undoubtedly signifying Disney's support of the LGBTQ+ community and promotion of inclusivity in its parks. The merch has arrived ahead of Pride Month in June, giving customers plenty of opportunities to rock the colorful ears, which retail for $18.

Based on the many comments flooding Disney enthusiasts' Instagram posts, everyone is so excited to snag the rainbow ears that they're selling out quickly. The good news is both Disneyland and Disney World are selling them, so you've got plenty of places to find them no matter which coast you're on. A few spots around the parks carrying the ears include the Mad Hatter store on Main Street, Five and Dime, and the All-Star Sports Resort. Plan your Pride festivities accordingly!