36 Funny Couples' Costumes That Will Win Any Contest

Are you planning to dress up with your partner or best friend for Halloween this year? Look no further — these funny Halloween costumes for couples are just what you need for inspiration ahead of the impending spooky season. We found hilarious outfit ideas for every kind of duo, whether you want to get nostalgic with a '90s cartoon throwback, reference a comedic onscreen pair from a movie or TV show, or go the punny route with a play-on-words concept.

The best part about these funny Halloween costume ideas? Most of them are simple and easy to DIY by raiding your closet at home, or, if you want to pull off something a bit more elaborate, you'll just need to make a quick trip to the craft store to bring them together. From "Home Alone" robbers Marv and Harry to Colonel Sanders and a feathery chicken, these funny Halloween costumes are sure to elicit some laughs from friends and fellow partygoers. Read ahead for the 36 best funny Halloween costumes for couples to wear in 2023. And if you end up waiting until the last minute to decide on an outfit, POPSUGAR's guide to lazy, low-effort Halloween costumes has you covered with plenty of options.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Sara Youngblood Gregory, and Victoria Messina


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Buddy the Elf and Maple Syrup

Make your friends laugh with this ode to "Elf." One of you can wear Buddy's classic elf costume, while the other can dress as his favorite spaghetti topping, maple syrup.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Chazz and Jimmy From "Blades of Glory"

Pay homage to Will Ferrell and Jon Heder's characters from "Blades of Glory" with this hilarious pop culture Halloween costume idea. The colorful jumpsuits and wigs are instantly recognizable.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: The Man With the Yellow Hat and Curious George

This duo costume idea exudes pure nostalgia. Pick up the matching outfits at a Halloween store, or get creative with a yellow dress, crafted hat, and some fuzzy brown clothes.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Wayne and Garth From "Wayne's World"

This couples' Halloween costume couldn't be easier. Just throw on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, and let a great wig do all the hard work.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Hashtags

This punny Halloween costume idea is beyond witty. Dress as giant hash browns playing tag — aka hashtags!


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone From "Anchorman"

Break out your power suits and microphones for this "Anchorman" couples' costume. Bonus points if you walk around quoting the movie all night.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Stop Hammer Time

In search of a last-minute Halloween costume for couples? This one pays tribute to MC Hammer's 1990 hit "U Can't Touch This" in a funny way.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Napoleon Dynamite and Deb

Celebrate one of the most awkward yet charming onscreen duos by dressing as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb for your Halloween party this year. The high ponytail, glasses, and curly wig will really sell your looks.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

Throw it back — like, centuries back — this Halloween and dress as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar with a funny twist. Wear all white, gold headpieces, and print out a giant Caesar salad dressing sign.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: The Claw and White Claw

Dress up as two different types of claws for your Halloween party this year — you can be your favorite White Claw flavor, while your significant other can be the famous claw machine from "Toy Story," or vice versa.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Colonel Sanders and a Chicken

If you and your partner are foodies, this costume idea is for you. One of you can wear all white and a gray wig to be KFC's founder, while the other can wear a chicken costume (or just cover yourself in white feathers to go the DIY route).


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Tommy and Chuckie From "Rugrats"

Calling all '90s babies — this "Rugrats"-inspired costume idea is easy and super comfortable. To dress up as Tommy Pickles, wear a blue shirt and white underwear or shorts. For Chuckie Finster, the signature glasses and red hair will help you pull it off.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Marv and Harry From "Home Alone"

You'll get a laugh out of your pals when you show up to the party dressed as Marv and Harry, the bumbling bandits from "Home Alone." This costume is another easy-to-DIY option: just layer on winter clothes you already own, and use red makeup or face paint to mimic their injuries.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: French Kiss

This "french kiss" costume idea is adorable and witty. Even better? You have the perfect excuse to kiss your partner when friends ask what your costume is.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Spice Girls

If you love the Spice Girls but want to get punny with your homage to the girl group, wear aprons and print out labels for your favorite fall spices.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Wanda and Cosmo From "The Fairly OddParents"

If you and your partner watched Nickelodeon cartoons nonstop growing up, dress as Timmy Turner's fairy godparents for Halloween. Pro tip: to get your fairy crown to hover over your head, glue the crown to thin, flexible wire, then wrap the wire around a headband.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: A Loofah and Soap

You can't go wrong with this classic bath time duo for you and your partner's Halloween costume. The loofah can be a fun DIY project to work on together.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Tourist and Statue of Liberty

This couples' costume is for everyone who can't get enough of the Big Apple. Bust out a classic "I Love NY" t-shirt and camera to be a tacky tourist, while the other can wear a light-green dress and Statue of Liberty hat to emulate the iconic landmark.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Starbucks Bear-ista and Coffee

If you and your SO are obsessed with Starbucks, one of you can be a "bear-ista" with animal ears, while the other can be a cup of hot coffee. Both are equally easy to DIY at home.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Radiohead and Alice in Chains

This costume is perfect for music-loving couples who want to show off their personality and favorite rock bands. The Alice in Chains costume is a particularly punny choice.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Grizzly Bear and Honey

This Halloween costume idea is adorable and super easy for duos. For a more low-key look, skip the face makeup and just rock some bear ears instead.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Queen and King of Hearts

This costume was made for DIY-lovers. Make your King of Hearts look out of cardboard, and paint the playing-card design to match your sweetie.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: The Date Is Right

We love a punny couples' costume. Extra points if you match the numbers to the year you met or your anniversary.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Smarty Pants

This smarty-pants costume idea is great for couples or a whole group of friends. All you need is a button-down shirt, glasses, a bow tie, and Smarties candy taped to your pants.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Brunch

Name a more iconic brunch duo than avocado toast and Champagne. For Champagne, you'll need a fluffy skirt and balloons to represent the bubbles, and the avocado costume is super easy to make yourself with cardboard and paint.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Spoiled Milk and Sugar Daddy

How hilarious are these costumes? Embrace your inner diva by dressing like spoiled milk (the designer shopping bags are a must!), while your significant other dresses like a sugar daddy, complete with a baby carrier.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Netflix and Chill

It doesn't get much easier than this couples' Halloween costume idea. DIY the "Netflix" and "Chill" shirts, add a wintery headband, and you're good to go.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: A Quarter and Gum Ball Machine

This last-minute Halloween costume can be made the night before your big party. All you need is ribbon and cardboard to make the 25-cent coin, and rainbow pom-poms from the craft store easily represent gum balls.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Coachello

Poke fun at one of the biggest music festivals of the year with this hilarious couples' costume. One of you can be a sports coach, and the other can dress as a cello. Together, you're Coachello.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: "Holes" Characters

Everyone loves a good movie-reference costume. Dress as Caveman and Kate Barlow from Disney's "Holes" this Halloween — shovels aren't required, but are highly encouraged to really commit to the bit.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Damian and the "Mean Girls" Burn Book

Throw it back to 2004 with this "Mean Girls"-inspired costume for couples. You just need a light-blue hooodie and sunglasses to be Damian, and the Burn Book dress is simple to make at home.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Cookie Monster and Milkman

We love "Sesame Street," and this duo costume idea is perfect for family-friendly events or trick-or-treaters.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy From "SpongeBob SquarePants"

Take a trip to the craft store to DIY this nostalgic costume inspired by "SpongeBob SquarePants" characters. Don't forget the purple kitchen gloves!


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: #NoFilter and #Filter

Make your significant other dress as the unfiltered version of you with a wig and matching outfit. Add the hashtags to your shirts (or a piece of cardboard around your necks), and you're good to go.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm

Show off your insurance know-how by mimicking Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm. This is another easy DIY option if you're heading to a party at the last minute.


Funny Couples' Halloween Costume: Whip and Nae Nae

Bring the popular dance move to life by wearing Cool Whip and horse costumes — get it? If it takes your friends a moment to understand your costumes, just play Silentó's "Watch Me" out loud, and it'll instantly click for this hilarious costume.