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Gorgeous Sunrise Hiking Elopement in Colorado

This Couple Ditched Their Georgia Wedding Plans For a Mountain Elopement in Colorado, and They Wouldn't Change a Thing

Gorgeous Sunrise Hiking Elopement in Colorado

As the world adjusted to its new normal in 2020, so did Monifa and Wyatt's wedding plans. The pair were originally set to wed in Georgia, but as restrictions changed, the two decided to elope 12,000 feet above sea level, tucked away in the privacy of the Colorado mountains. The intimate ceremony was as special as could be: just Monifa, Wyatt, and their photographer, Sheena Shahangian, overlooking the Rocky Mountains at dawn. The two opted for a self-uniting marriage, so they did not need any witnesses — just themselves and their hiking gear. "When we first arrived at the trailhead the morning of their elopement, the temps were in the 30s," Sheena told POPSUGAR. "Needless to say, Monifa and Wyatt were true champs, hiking at such high elevation in the wind and cold."

To keep warm, Monifa wore white thermal leggings, thick socks, and heavily insulated Columbia hiking books, all while still flaunting her gorgeous (and shockingly clean) wedding gown. "I kept it bustled while I was hiking and I also picked it up from the bottom and held it up as best I could during the hike. Lemme tell you, that dress is heavy!" Monifa wrote on Twitter. She added: "Hubs hiked in his suit but he had hiking shoes on that he changed out of once we got to the top."

Once Monifa and Wyatt were made husband and wife, the newlyweds celebrated with Champagne and a picnic alongside the trail. The two wrapped up their special day by jumping into a lake — wedding attire and all! Monifa couldn't have been more satisfied with how the day turned out. "Eloping turned out to be the BEST thing ever and more special than any traditional wedding we could have ever planned," she wrote on Twitter.

If you're interested in an outdoor adventure elopement like this one, see all of the gorgeous photos from this couple's special day ahead.

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