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How Your Venus Sign Affects Your Dating Life

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Worst Dating Habit

How Your Venus Sign Affects Your Dating Life

When it comes to dating and astrology, many people start with zodiac sign compatibility. Would a Taurus mesh well with a Cancer? What about two Leos? Or, if you're a real pro, you may even compare your sun, moon, and rising signs together. But when it comes to the stars and how you date — flaws and all — it's really your Venus sign that you need to pay attention to.

POPSUGAR spoke with Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at, and Debbie Stapleton of Modern Mystic to get the details on how the planet of love influences your less-than-charming dating habits. According to Montúfar, "Venus rules the manifestation of pleasure in all forms." That includes the pleasurable things in life such as art and fashion, but also money and what we spend it on. Traditionally, though, this planet governs our love lives to the fullest. "When it comes to dating, Venus rules who you feel attracted to . . . the way we dress, our charm, and how we attract partners, as well as our long-term sense of security in the relationship."

It's also important to note your birth date when it comes to looking at this. "What sign Venus is in when you are born says a lot about what you'll be attracted to and how you'll express affection," said Stapleton, adding that, of course, this includes the negative ways you express affection as well. Here's what your Venus sign says about your dating faux pas.

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