Everyone's Obsessed With This TikToker's "Hinge Wrapped" Website, Because We Love Mess

If you weren't already sure that your dating life is a lovable mess you can't look away from, allow one TikToker's creation to potentially confirm it. TikTok user and software engineer Niko Draca created "Hinge Wrapped," which analyzes your behavior on the Hinge dating app. In a Dec. 9 TikTok video, Draca reveals a friend texted him, asking him to create a "Hinge Wrapped." Using a friend's Hinge data, downloaded directly from the app, Draca drafted code that would analyze his friend's dating habits on Hinge.

What Is Hinge Wrapped?

Draca's Hinge Wrapped analysis includes data on things like how many people you've encountered (and said yes to) on Hinge, a year-long breakdown of likes and rejections, stats about your messages, your most-used emojis, and even a word cloud. I don't even have Hinge, and I already know this website would roast me so hard. What started as a hilarious ask from a friend immediately went viral on TikTok, prompting Draca to create HingeWrapped.com, so everyone can laugh, cry, and cringe over what has surely been a WTF year in dating. (Granted, it doesn't appear Draca has any connection to Hinge, but while this "Hinge Wrapped" may not be official, it is absolutely hysterical.)

How to Get Your Hinge Wrapped

To get your Hinge Wrapped, you'll first need to download your Hinge data, which you can do within the Hinge app. According to Draca, this is as simple as navigating to your account settings, and then to "Download My Data." When your data is ready, visit HingeWrapped.com and upload your file. At that point, the website should present you with a breakdown of your Hinge habits, which may or may not be a good thing. Use with caution.