Here's What Astrologers Had to Say About Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Compatibility

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker just started dating in February, but they've already solidified themselves as one of Hollywood's hottest couples. From their steamy photos of each other on social media to Travis's tattoo of Kourtney's name, it's obvious these two are crazy about each other. And since our zodiac signs can tell us a lot about our relationships and compatibility, what do the stars say about these two lovebirds?

The couple seem to be heating up more as the weeks go on, which is typical behavior for an Aries (Kourtney) and a Scorpio (Travis) in love. Their astrological compatibility might come as a shock to some, considering the undeniable chemistry between the two. On one hand, fire and water have ample potential to clash, but on the other hand, subtle elements of their placements point to a comfortable, harmonious synergy. With insights from resident Oromoon astrologer Makayla McRae and TikTok astrologer AstroDim, POPSUGAR took a deep dive into Kourtney and Travis's astrological compatibility.

Kourtney Kardashian's Zodiac Sign

According to her birth chart, Kourtney has an Aries sun — this energetic and dynamic sign proves she's down for whatever challenge that she might find herself in. It also shows she's extremely adventurous and maybe quick-tempered at times. Aries are notorious for their bold mentality, and Kourtney's social media presence is a testament to her vivacious personality. The reality star's wellness brand, Poosh, is also more evidence of the leader-of-the-pack nature of Aries.

Her enthusiastic fire placements, however, are balanced with her practical Capricorn moon. Since our moon sign accounts for our emotional energy, Kourtney's Capricorn placement might indicate she perceives emotions through a practical lens, which might cause friction in highly emotional situations.

Kourtney's birth chart reveals she has a Pisces Ascendant, or rising sign. On a deeper level, it looks like she might be more emotionally in tune than her moon suggests. Pisces tend to be incredibly sensitive and intuitive creatures, so owning a Pisces rising could mean that Kourtney has a gentle side to her. And her water rising can add stability to her earth moon's practicality.

"With Kourtney having a Pisces Ascendant, she is very receptive to the energy and emotions of everything and everyone around her," AstroDim told POPSUGAR. "At the same time, she is good at not attaching to the energy once she's away from it. The energy and space she's in affect her greatly. Because of her sensitivity to changing energies, people may see her as being intuitive."

Travis Barker's Zodiac Sign

Travis's birth chart reveals he has a sun in the sign of Scorpio. This water placement tends to be emotionally intuitive but is known to sting when the time is right. Scorpios are magnetic people, but they can also be private and mysterious — they love having company, but they'll choose alone time over anything else. The drummer's moon is in the sign of Aries, sharing compatibility with Kourtney's sun. Because of this, you can really tell Travis is attracted to Kourtney's sense of adventure and bold, wild nature.

"Travis can be more apt to mysterious, subtle forms of self-expression. Meanwhile, Kourtney can be more direct," McRae explained. "However, both are passionate personalities who are proud and fearless in being themselves."

Travis shared a love note from Kourtney with his Instagram followers earlier this year that read: "To lots of fun adventures, may we destroy each other completely. Love, Kourtney," referencing a tweet he sent out on Feb. 16. Yep, it's starting to all make sense now!

It's also revealed through his birth chart that Travis has a Cancer rising. Much like a Pisces rising, Cancer traits include being emotionally intuitive and sensitive right at the surface. Our rising sign manifests in our core nature, or the way we assert ourselves to others — this water placement implies the artist has a good grip on his emotional needs. "With Travis having a Cancer Ascendant, he is naturally loving, nurturing, and reactive when feelings are expressed, whether they are his own or the feelings of others," AstroDim said.

Their Compatibility

Fire signs embody vivacious energy that almost polarizes the water sign's intense emotional charge. It's not unheard of for water and fire signs to thrive together, though. These two elements have the power to emphasize each other's strengths and work to overcome their weaknesses. Their rising signs are a great example of this. "Although their Ascendants do not make any aspects astrologically, they're both water signs which represent how their drivers to action are connected to their emotions," AstroDim said. Since our rising signs are integral parts of our astrological identity, it's still important to consider their synergy. "They both have an understanding of how important emotional expression is and can be quite tuned in to each other's feelings."

The pair have several squares in their synastry. In astrology, a square is an aspect that projects challenges and tension. Having them doesn't necessarily indicate tragedy, but it's good to keep these obstacles in mind so the waters are easier to navigate. "Travis's Aries moon squares Kourtney's Capricorn moon exactly. While Travis is reactive to his emotions, Kourtney represses and internalizes hers to take the more practical approach to her emotions," AstroDim explained. "They may get annoyed with each other on how they react emotionally."

Another challenge is Kourtney's Mars is conjunct to Travis's moon. "[Travis] may feel that when it comes to things that really matter, she just does the 'right thing' instead of expressing how she really feels, and she might push him to do the same and that's not who he is," AstroDim said. "However, if they communicate, show understanding to each other, and allow each other to be themselves respectfully, then they can move past this." Considering Mars rules aggression and passion, there's a lot to be said about Kourtney having an Aries placement — Aries is ruled by Mars, so when Kourtney has her sights set on an aim or situation, it might be difficult for her to cooperate with others.

Mercury's Communication Styles

The couple share their Mercury sign with their respective sun signs — Kourtney's Mercury is in Aries and Travis's is in Scorpio. Mercury rules our intellectual mind and communication, so there's an unconventional power dynamic within a relationship between the water and fire placements.

"Aries Mercury folks have a strong, beautiful, passionate mind. They can easily motivate themselves and others. However, if you are not down with their program and if you cannot see their side, that passion can turn into aggression," AstroDim revealed. Those with an Aries Mercury tend to dominate the conversation and have short tempers, which might cause discomfort for the mysterious Scorpio, who tends to communicate through their emotions.

"[Scorpio] people are very investigative and will quietly dig into the core of whatever they are interested in to understand it in and out. This can come off as sneaky and intrusive, especially someone with an upfront approach like Kourtney having an Aries Mercury," AstroDim added. This can easily lead to stifling emotions and erupting when pressures run too high. "Scorpio Mercury often internalizes things until their emotions boil up or until they feel that the time is right when all they had to do was talk in the first place. They can dig their nose into things and regret it later."

The Moon's Emotional Expression

Interestingly, Travis's Moon sign is shared with Kourtney's Aries sun, so her outward personality resonates with his emotional side, which shows the potential for good synergy. "Travis' moon sign is in Aries, which shows his emotional nature and the type of woman he's comfortable committing to," McRae said. "Kourt is an Aries sun! This shows a great point of compatibility, where the attraction is immediate and they just feel they 'get' each other." So, this must be why their chemistry is so obvious!

However, chemistry is only one element to a thriving relationship, and their moon signs might also indicate friction. "The fact that Travis's Aries moon is in a sign that squares Kourt's Capricorn moon can show some challenges in their synastry," McRae said. "In their private or home life, they may wind down and navigate their living spaces in different ways."

Like many relationships, the pair will have to make plenty of compromises to make things work, especially because lunar energy heavily impacts our emotions. But with effort and patience, they can overcome whatever emotional obstacle they come across.

Venus's Romantic Language

Travis's Venus sign in the balanced Libra shows he values romance and aims to preserve harmony within his intimate relationships. Libra is ruled by Venus and is notorious for its appreciation for love and romance. This placement complements Kourtney's Venus sign in the dreamy Pisces. Her intuitive Pisces placement implies she has an affinity for romantic rendezvous. When it comes to romantic relationships, the two can count on each other to sustain intimacy and harmony.

"Travis's Ascendant is exactly like Kourtney's Venus," AstroDim said. "This brings strong sexual attraction to the relationship as well as the desirability of just being around each other. They make each other feel amazing and valued."

At first glance, it might seem these two are from entirely different planets — and they just might be. But despite their differences, Kourtney and Travis have plenty of complementary strengths. This will likely come with a lot of challenges, but it's nothing the fiery Aries and magnetic Scorpio can't handle. When Drew Barrymore asked Travis about Kourtney's love note during a recent appearance on her talk show, Travis said he prefers to go into relationships "in the blaze of glory and ball of flames." Well, then, I think he's met his match!