6 Lazy Sex Positions For When You're Horny but Tired

When it comes to sex, there are endless possibilities and positions to explore. But let's face it: sometimes "exploring" just requires too much effort. If you've ever wanted to kick back, relax, and enjoy sex without putting in a whole workout's worth of effort, allow me to put you on to the concept of lazy sex positions.

Lazy sex positions are those that require minimal physical exertion — the type of sex positions that can be enjoyed without a sweat droplet forming on your forehead. They're perfect for those days when you're tired after a big brunch, just got the kids to bed after a long day, or you're lying in bed on a rainy Sunday morning.

Though calling them "lazy" sex positions may imply that they're lesser than, I'd argue that these picks are actually an amazing opportunity to connect with your partner without the pressure of holding a push-up in missionary or a squat in cowgirl.

If you're ready to dive deeper into the world of lazy sex positions, you've come to the right place. Ahead, sex experts share the best lazy sex positions for you to enjoy with minimal effort.

The Standard Spoon

The spooning sex position was created with lazy sex in mind. In this position, all you have to do is lie side by side with your partner, while both of you face the same way, and have your partner enter (or insert a toy) from behind. The penetration is more of a rocking motion, making it a pretty slow and light movement. "It allows for closeness and intimacy with minimal effort from both parties," confirms certified sex therapist Melissa Cook.

The Side by Side

Similar to the spooning sex position, try facing your partner while on your side, says Cook. "This position is great for eye contact and kissing while maintaining a comfortable, low-effort experience." To get into the position, both partners lie on their sides facing each other. For vaginal penetration, the receiving partner can place their top leg over their partner's, but it's worth noting that this position is also great for manual stimulation with only finger play, too.

The Chair

The most work you'll have to do in this position is moving from your bed over to a chair. Once you've made it, it's simple: the penetrative partner sits on the chair while the receiving partner sits on top of them. Then, all you have to do is rock your body back and forth. Even if it may seem like there's a lot of leg work required for the person on top, the person on top should focus more on moving their body in a circular movement rather than a strenuous up-and-down one. With this in mind, promise, it'll be lazy. "This position allows both partners to relax and enjoy close contact," says Cook.

The Lotus

Known as being one of the more intimate sex positions, the lotus "doesn't require much movement or exertion," confirms certified sex therapist Amber Shine, making it a perfect addition to your lazy-sex routine. To get into the position, one partner sits cross-legged, while the other partner sits on top of them and wraps their legs around their partner's back. The position should feel like you're in a super-close embrace.

The Lazy Dog

This is such an iconic lazy sex position, there's even "lazy" in the name. While the lazy dog sex position may be chill for the receiver, it may take a little more work for the penetrating partner. "The Lazy Dog is a variation of the traditional doggy-style position. Instead of being on all fours, the receiving partner lies face down, flat on the bed or couch, with their hips slightly elevated. The penetrating partner kneels or stands behind and can penetrate from there," says Shine. In other words, maybe try this one when one partner has more energy than the other.

The Flat Missionary

If your dream lazy sex position is one where both you and your partner can lie down, this one is for you. To get into the flat missionary position, similarly to traditional missionary, the receiving partner lies flat on their back. The giving partner then lies on top of them. "Instead of putting all their weight on their knees, as you generally would in missionary, flat missionary means most of your weight is on your partner," says sex therapist Holly Wood, PhD. "Because you are both laying flat, the weight of the top partner is more easily distributed, so it shouldn't cause much discomfort to the bottom," she says, though it will also depend on your anatomy and that of your partner. While you're in this position (or any sex position, really), "it's always important to get consent and check in to be sure each of you are comfortable," Wood adds.