This Long-Distance BFF Frame Lets You Light Up Your Bestie's Life With a Single Touch

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When I moved across the country, I dreaded saying goodbye to frequent hangouts with my best friend. The 2,000 miles between us were intimidating and I worried we would get too busy and lose touch. Well, luckily, my worries were unfounded because we text daily and make FaceTime dates to catch up. Still, I wish there was a way to let her know she's on my mind, even when we're not deep in a virtual convo.

Enter: the Long Distance Friendship Frame ($200 for two) from Uncommon Goods. You might be familiar with the similar (and superpopular) touch bracelets and light-up lamps from the brand, and this frame follows the same idea. A transluscent glass that brightens and changes color takes the place of traditional matting around your chosen picture. Thanks to WiFi, simply touching the frame will send the same color glow to your BFF and they'll know you're sending good vibes their way. A sweet and subtle way to stay in touch with your bestie, your siblings, your parents — whoever you like! Everyone deserves a little extra love these days.