LOL: This Woman's Boyfriend Works as a Raptor at Universal and Always Waves to Her in Costume

People of the world, listen up. We could all use someone in our lives like this man in a raptor costume right here. Megan, who goes by @meeeganjay on TikTok, shared this video of her boyfriend, Sam, who works as a raptor at Universal Studios in California. She said whenever he spots her in the crowd while he's in costume, he makes sure to wave at her. A raptor! Waving at his girlfriend in the crowd! The parks may be closed right now, but we love this so much.

Despite being tucked away inside a giant dinosaur costume, Sam always seems to spot Megan in a crowd, if her videos are anything to go by. Time after time, the terrifying raptor takes a pause to raise a giant arm to wave at Megan quickly in the mass of people, and y'all, that sounds a little bit like love. We love a supportive significant other! The proud girlfriend has shared a handful of videos of Sam in costume, and the two have started to go viral with their dinosaur romance.

So here's the deal. If you find someone who takes time out of their busy work schedule — as a dinosaur or not — to always show you attention and affection, you've got a good one. And if you find someone who supports your work — even if you're dressed up as a slightly scary dinosaur — you've also found a good one. Also, if you're these two and your romance includes waving at each other while one of you is wearing a dinosaur costume, then you've probably got a pretty fun life together. So cute!