This Company Is Making 56 Condom Sizes So That Men Can Have the Most Perfect Fit Ever

"One size fits all" is an archaic statement, especially when it comes to condoms. Luckily, there's a company that is trying to make finding the perfect fit an easy and painless experience. One Condoms is introducing 56 perfect-fit condom sizes, including sizes larger and smaller than anything currently available on the US market. This marks a pretty big shift in the range of condoms that are cleared by the FDA for sale.

The effectiveness of a condom can be compromised if it doesn't fit right. "Research also shows that men who wear condoms that do not fit properly are more likely to report slippage and breakage of the condom. In a large condom study of 820 men conducted by Indiana University researchers, fitted condoms broke half as often as one-size-fits-all condoms," according to One Condoms. It's also true that an improperly fitting condom can result in a loss of erection, desensitivity, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

When the new condoms come out this Fall 2016, they will be called myONE and will include sizes with combinations of eight condom lengths and nine condom widths. According to the company, sizes were chosen based on data from TheyFit, a European brand One Condoms acquired in 2015.

You'll be able to order the condoms online and they will be sent to you in discreet packaging. There will be a few ways to determine your size — you can download and print out the company's FitKit, take your own measurements, or ask the company for feedback about which size would be right for you. We're looking forward to seeing how men will like these new condoms when they come out on the market!