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cpiatt cpiatt 2 years

Well, yes, I understand a situation like that, especially if the bride knows, too. I didn't mean it to sound like I was saying you should never, under any circumstances wear black. Most suits for men are black, so I always understand that. What confuses me is when women wear black, and yet have a load of other wedding-appropriate dresses in different colours in their wardrobe. If you are able, you should wear something besides black, and especially white (depending on what the bride is wearing).

cpiatt cpiatt 2 years

I agree. One or two changes of clothes is not a bad thing, especially if the wedding dress is hot. I also agree on the white. Though, I have to admit, what annoys me more, is when people wear black to a wedding. It's a happy day, not a funeral! Now, if you know specifically that the bride is not wearing white, then I can understand that. I'll never understand black, though.

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