17 Scary Couples' Costumes For Halloween

Although we may still be in the thick of summer, Halloween will be here before we know it, friends. And this, of course, means one major thing: It's time to start planning your scary couples' costumes.

While you have the option to choose a funny couples' costume, a celeb-inspired Barbie and Ken costume, or even a last-minute couples' costume put together Oct. 30, I'd argue that nothing beats a horror couples' costume. Because, really, there's no better feeling than scaring your friends, family, or trick-or-treaters with your spooky 'fit. Isn't that what Halloween is all about?

Whether you prefer to dress up as classic horror icons that have haunted your dreams for decades — looking at you, Chucky! — or prefer to take on a more modern scary duo, the good news is you have a ton of options of scary halloween costumes for couples. But if you're not sure where to start, that's where we come in.

Here, you'll find a list of the best scary halloween costumes for couples, with pictures and examples of how to re-create them yourself. When you decide on which horror couples' costume you want to go with, though, don't forget to shop for some props and put on some easy Halloween makeup to complete your ensemble. After all, they do say the devil is in the details.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Haley Lyndes, and Taylor Andrews


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Creepy Carnival Clowns

There seems to be a major theme with creepy clowns and scary couples' costume ideas. Do your own version of the creepy clown trend and dress up as creepy carnival acts, instead.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Unzipped

For the DIY crowd, dress however you like — maybe in all black, all red, or camo — and then purchase a zipper set to glue on to your face with body paint. Depending on how realistic you want to make it, expect your friends, family, and trick-or-treaters to be majorly impressed — and maybe even a little grossed out.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger

With your partner, dress up as the ultimate scary movie villains: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Make it a competition to see who can make their version of the couples' costume scarier.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Bloody "Grease"

Yes, you can turn what many people may consider to be #couplesgoals into a scary couples' costume idea. Enter: bloody Sandy and Danny from "Grease." Simply dress in your all black, leather outfits and add some red body paint.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Zombies

Thanks to HBO's hit "The Last of Us," many are predicting "the infected" (aka zombies) to have a major moment this Halloween. And the best part is, you can pretty much dress up as a zombie a billion different ways. Need some inspo? Try this grunge zombie couples' costume, as pictured.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Pennywise and Georgie

Pennywise and Georgie From "It" venture into the categories of both a sexy couples' costume and scary couples' costume idea. Do with that what you will, but you can absolutely adjust your face makeup to be as scary (or not) as you want.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Chuck and Tiffany

Ah, another great fictional duo to dress up as with your partner. Chucky and Tiffany From "Bride of Chucky" is a fantastic option for those of you looking for a horror couples' costume, especially since most people will know immediately who you and your partner dressed up as.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Demons

It doesn't get much scarier than dressing up as a demon with your partner. For this scary couples' costume idea, make it as elaborate or not as you want with face makeup and horns.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Evil Raggedy Ann and Andy

If the movie "Annabelle," gave you the creeps, then this scary couples' costume idea absolutely will, too. Dress up in your version of Raggedy Ann and Andy by shopping for a costume online or DIY-ing something yourself.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Dead Ronald McDonald

The only way to make Ronald McDonald creepier is by dressing up as the dead version of Ronald McDonald. For this scary couples' costume idea, both you and your partner can dress up as a dead or zombie Ronald McDonald, or, as shown in the picture, one of you could dress up as Wendy instead. Or, given the popularity of Grimace this past year, you could mix it up and try him instead.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Killer Couple

When deciding on a horror couples' costume to wear, remember that it doesn't always have to be based off of fictional characters or pop-culture moments. Dressing up as a killer couple is just as easy, scary, and efficient — especially with some red body paint you can DIY as blood tears.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Grady Twins

If you're looking for a scary couples' costume idea inspired by a chilling pop-culture moment, dress up as the Grady Twins from "The Shining." Find a blue dress, some knee-high socks, a pink ribbon, and a brown wig.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Circus Trainer and Tiger

One of the most creative ways to dress up this Halloween is to take a concept that may not be scary, and then make it scary. For example, dressing up as a circus trainer and tiger may not be a scary couples' costume, but when you add graphic face makeup to it, it could easily become one.


Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Beetlejuice and Lydia

Beetlejuice and Lydia are a classic scary couples' costume idea — and when recreating this costume, you can make it as hard as easy as you want. All in all, some green spray paint on the hair and a black and white blazer for Beetlejuice and a long black dress for Lydia should do the trick.

Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Masked Evil-doer and Victim
Getty | NurPhoto / Contributor

Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Masked Evil-doer and Victim

If you are having trouble coming up with a scary couples' costume idea, when in doubt, buy a scary looking mask. Then, the partner not wearing the mask can dress up as the "victim" with DIY body paint that looks eerily similar to blood.

Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Evil Nuns
Getty | Johner Images

Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Evil Nuns

Perhaps the scariest couples' costume idea on this list? Evil nuns. Buy traditional nun outfits at your local Halloween-costume retailer, and then DIY them to be as evil as you want. You can pair the look with a scary mask, body paint, or scary-looking makeup.

Scary Couples' Costume Idea: Evil Chefs

Yes, chef! Dress up as a classic butcher or make it a pop-culture moment and DIY some outfits from "The Menu." For the latter, you can have one partner dress up as a chef and the other partner dress up as a marshmallow. (If you know, you know.)