Get Steamy With These 7 Shower-Sex Positions and Expert Tips

Privacy, warmth, nudity — the shower exudes sexiness. But getting dirty in the place you go to clean up can be a bit more challenging than the movies make it seem. With warm, running water; soapy bodies; and slippery tile, things can get downright messy. Fortunately, there are more than a few ways to incorporate the shower into your sex life.

"One key to a great sex life is communication. If you want to try shower sex with your partner, you first have to know their sexual likes and dislikes," Tim Gallagher, LCSW and sex-positive therapist, tells POPSUGAR. "Start with a conversation about their favorite ways to be touched, and then move into fantasies they might have to heat up the conversation."

Practicing safe sex is also of utmost importance. Shower sex comes with its own set of risks and can be more physically challenging than bedroom sex — but don't toss in the towel just yet. Here are our dos and don'ts for shower sex, as well as the best shower-sex positions to take you from "oh, no," to the big O.

Shower Sex Dos and Don'ts

  • DO use lube, as water can actually cause more uncomfortable friction by diluting our natural lubricants. Bring coconut-oil- or silicone-based lube into the mix to keep things sliding along smoothly.
  • DO use a nonslip bathmat for better grip and stability. "Lube and water are a slippery concoction, so be mindful of slick surfaces and have something sturdy to grab onto," Gallagher says. "Have a towel at the ready to dry hands and feet for better grip."
  • DON'T use faucets, towel rods, taps, and soap dishes as a foot stand or to support your body weight, as they may break free from the wall.
  • DO opt for a shower stool, ledge, or built-in bench to keep your balance. However, be sure to stretch a bit before getting started. "Propping your leg up might get you into the right position for pleasure, but that might quickly fade if a cramp sets in," Gallagher tells POPSUGAR. "Make sure to communicate any pain to your partner and switch up the position when necessary."
  • DO bring in a waterproof sex toy when you're looking to add another layer to the fun.
  • DO make your surrounding environment (in addition to the shower) as comfortable as possible. "Turn up the heat in the house a little, as the shower is only so big and one of you is bound to be outside the flow of warm water," Gallagher advises.
  • DON'T forget to wash up when you're finished, especially if you're going to head to the bedroom for a second round.

7 Shower-Sex Positions to Try

Now that you're ready to get started, keep in mind that different positions offer different benefits for each partner. Height differences and safety concerns such as slipping and falling come into play with shower sex, so take these into account as well. Pleasure will vary depending on what turns you and your partner on. Thankfully, there are several ways to move and position your bodies for maximum pleasure. Get hot and steamy with these shower-sex positions you'll actually enjoy.

1. The Dancer

While seemingly simple, this popular standing-sex move can boost intimacy with its face-to-face nature and allows for a steamy makeout to boot. In this position, stand face to face with your partner while one of you lifts their leg, gently wrapping it around the other partner's waist. This allows for penetration and stimulation while you're both in a more comfortable standing position. Let the water cascade off your back, and don't forget to turn 180 so your other partner doesn't get left in the cold too long.

2. Shower Head

Get ready for some oral action with this position! One partner stands while the giving partner kneels in front, using their mouth to kiss, lick, and suck their partner for a wash of pleasure. The standing partner can gently hold the giver's hair back or massage their shoulders for more intimate interaction or carefully drape a knee over the giver's shoulder for a deeper experience.

Keep the standing partner's back to the shower stream or soften the water flow to protect the giving partner from receiving a spray in the face or a mouthful of warm water. Rolled-up washcloths or a squishy bathmat can also help protect the giver's knees from the hard tile. If you have a detachable shower head, the kneeling partner can use it or their hands to pleasure themselves at the same time. Win-win!

3. Wet Doggie

This classic move only gets better when it's wetter. Much like the traditional doggy-style position, the penetrating partner stands while the receiving partner bends forward in front, hips and booty high against the standing partner's pelvis. This allows for deeper penetration and stimulation, with both partners more firmly rooted. The receiving partner can press their hands on the shower wall, a ledge, or the floor to control penetrative depth and stability. If you're feeling spicy or enjoy bondage-style play, the standing partner can grasp the receiver's wrists or hold their arms back.

4. The W

For this position, both partners sit on the shower or bath floor with their knees bent and feet out in front of them. Gently intertwine your legs as you move closer together. Use your hands to gently massage each other's genitals. If you're looking to go deeper, play with lifting and angling your hips to hit the sweet spot. The best part? You can't slip and fall if you're already on the ground. However, keep in mind that you may need to play around to find a clever shower-stream angle for this one to avoid that spray-hitting-face feeling of drowning.

5. It's Mutual

Whether you use this position as a warmup or for the grand finale, mutual masturbation in the shower can be a safe and simple way to heat up your clean-up. Face each other or take turns in the spray while you pleasure yourselves simultaneously.

6. On the Edge

If your shower has a bench or if your bathtub has a wide, sturdy ledge, one partner can take a seat with feet firmly pressed against the ground while the other backs up and sits in their lap, facing the same direction. The seated partner can utilize penetration for a deep sensation or reach their hands around to stimulate the top partner from behind. This may also make for a great finishing position to bring on the orgasm.

7. Hold Up

It's important to note that this position requires a good amount of body strength and a stable, slip-free place to stand to keep it extra safe. The standing partner lifts the receiving partner, who wraps both legs around their waist while being held in place. The standing partner can gently bend and straighten their legs while lifting the receiver lightly for more stimulation and movement. Keep the receiving partner's back firmly pressed against the wall for extra support.