Spotify Will Create a 50-Song Playlist For You and Your Partner in Minutes — Just Take the Quiz!

If you and your significant other are looking to jazz up your next date night in, Spotify has a fun quiz that will create a personalized playlist of 50 romantic tunes, just for you. It's called Spotify Duo, and it requires six questions and a few pictures (for your own custom album art, of course) to put it together.

The questions range from "How long have you two been together?" to "What song best describes your relationship?" And don't worry if you and your SO (or even hookup buddy) have just started hanging out — the qualifications for this quiz don't require much. Heck, I'm single as can be and I took it (ha, please don't ask me who I put as my partner). Nevertheless, Spotify will create a fun list of tunes so you don't have to think up a playlist of love songs all by yourself. Which, if you ask me, is super helpful. And even though this playlist is supposedly reserved for lovers only, you can absolutely plug a friend or family member into the mix to create a playlist of songs for them, too. If this sounds like a no-brainer, head on over to the Spotify Duo love songs website and create one for yourself!