Here's Why TikTokers Are Asking Their Partners the "Strawberry Question"

Instead of, you know, actually talking to your partner about your relationship, may we suggest you have a little fun and surprise them with a TikTok quiz to determine just how devoted they are? Recently, TikTokers have been using the silly "strawberry question" to test their partners' loyalty, and the trend has garnered some hilarious responses from significant others. So what exactly is the TikTok strawberry question, you ask?

Over text and out of the blue, people are asking their partners a question along the lines of the following: "If you were walking past a strawberry field, would you take a strawberry and eat it if you were really hungry?" Then, they'll follow up with more questions, like "How many would you eat?" and "What if there was a fence?" In these questions, "eating strawberries" is interpreted as a metaphor for cheating with others, and crossing the fence means the partner would overcome obstacles or boundaries to get the strawberries, aka to cheat.

While there's, of course, zero evidence that the way a partner answers these questions equates to their likelihood of cheating, TikTokers are getting in on the fun to prank their loved ones. Watch the strawberry question TikTok videos ahead and be entertained by the hilarious responses to the quiz.