The Astrology App That Shook Channing Tatum Got a Dating Feature — So I Had to Try It

You may know The Pattern as that astrology app that flabbergasted Channing Tatum over its accuracy, or perhaps you use it for zodiac-based daily updates on your personality and feelings like I do. But you may not know the company made the move to dabble in the world of dating apps. In my quest to experiment with dating apps and which one works best, I decided to try my luck on The Pattern's new dating feature called "Connect."

The Pattern has my birth date, time, and location already, so in order to use Connect, I simply had to upload a few pictures of myself and answer a few questions about my preferences, pronouns, and dealbreakers. Once set, I could begin swiping for soulmates.

What a trip it is to check out a romantic interest not based on their hiking photos in Machu Picchu or selfies with their cat, but rather on the assessed depth of our shared potential. By analyzing our birth charts, The Pattern uses a proprietary algorithm to determine not just if we're compatible, but also the depth of our compatibility on a scale that includes "Soulmate," "Extraordinary," "Powerful," "Meaningful," "Complex," "Delicate," and "Challenging."

When a suitor caught my eye, I hit "Run bond," a function on the app that generates detailed insights about a potential relationship's strengths and challenges, based on our birth info. I learned that our connection is "Delicate" and that we'll have friction when it comes to our planning styles. However, the app also told me that we'd find each other exhilarating since we'd introduce each other to new experiences.

Although it wasn't a match, I decided to up the ante and see if I could meet more potential flames via the paid version of the app. For $5 monthly, I gained access to a host of additional features including the ability to "Go Deeper" on any romantic connection to gain further insight. Some of that insight is helpful, but I also found myself getting turned off prematurely.

For example, the app indicated my connection with a person named Hayden was "Powerful." It appeared we had an amazing and supportive attraction, but after I dove deeper, the app gave me a red flag. "Hayden likes that you're practical and responsible — you can make him feel taken care of," The Pattern informed me. "Because he expects you to shoulder the burden, he encourages your ambitions and helps you step into your role as a provider." The notion of shouldering the burden was a hard stop for me, so unfortunately, Hayden got a left swipe.

I found many opportunities for deep discussions and even debates with some of my matches about topics I normally wouldn't address until a fourth or fifth date.

A few highlights from several weeks of swiping include a match that said, "I didn't realize you were a Capricorn, I suggest you find a water sign," before he unceremoniously unmatched me and another suitor who wasn't too happy when I expressed reservations about a few of our predicted hurdles. So after a few flops, I found myself wondering if The Pattern actually works for me as a dating app. My conclusion? Maybe.

I think one of the app's strengths lies in its core function: astrological compatibility. Regardless of whether or not you believe in them, insights about zodiac signs and birth charts typically make for intriguing conversation. In fact, I found many opportunities for deep discussions and even debates with some of my matches about topics I normally wouldn't address until a fourth or fifth date. And that's the thing! The Pattern encourages you to have these talks because all of the information is right there in your birth chart.

I invite you to try out The Pattern, which pledges on its website to "Help people to feel seen, understood, and empowered." Start racking up a healthy roster of individuals who share your appreciation for astrology and aren't afraid to dive deep when it comes to the potential roses and thorns in an assessed connection. All dating takes work, but if you're already swiping on apps based on profiles alone, why not download The Pattern via Apple or Google Play and see how the stars align.