How to Have Stronger, Longer Orgasms, According to Experts

Orgasms are wonderful, so it's natural to want more of them. But even if you don't want more of them, necessarily, it's OK if you want to make each one stronger and more intense. Who wouldn't want to think, "That was my best orgasm ever," every time?

But of course, sex is a journey, not a destination— and sex is not always about orgasming. It's about exploring your body and finding new pathways to pleasure. Some orgasms are small, and some are large; some are intense AF, and some are milder releases, but in many ways, the variety is the beauty of sex (coupled or solo).

However, if you've been feeling like your Os have been lingering on the smaller side of the spectrum recently, and if you want to learn how to have a better orgasm, there are things you can do to get there. Because all bodies are different though, it's important to keep in mind that what helps one person might not help another. So, to help, POPSUGAR spoke to a variety of different people and experts to bring you the best tips for building up to a stronger orgasm — try out one tip or all of them, or just use them as inspiration to invent a new technique all on your own.

Below, here are the best tips on having stronger, more-intense orgasms. Enjoy!

1. Keep it going even after you come

Instead of stopping play immediately after you experience an orgasm, don't be afraid to "ride the wave," as the Weeknd says. Since people with vulvas tend to have shorter refractory periods than those with penises, you may even find that you could experience another orgasm shortly after you already experienced one.

"Think about it like this — the body is already warmed up and in the mode, so it's easier to bring it back to a heightened place than starting all over again," says Alicia Sinclair, founder of B-Vibe and Le Wand. You're aiming to stay aroused, rather than letting yourself totally cool down after orgasm. However, if you feel that one part of your body is getting overstimulated, "try switching to another [body part] for the subsequent orgasm. Listen to your body and reengage after each orgasm to maintain arousal," says Alex Fine, founder of Dame Products. There are tons of erogenous zones to explore.

2. Masturbate, masturbate, masturbate

Don't be shameful or awkward about your masturbation technique or habits — touching yourself often can help enhance your orgasms. "Experiencing pleasure is about being connected to your body and your partner. The better you get to know yourself through masturbation, the better you can communicate your desires and guide your partner to help you climax — and help yourself get there during solo sessions," says Mia Davis, founder of the sexual education website and app Tabú.

With that, take some time to really enjoy yourself. Draw a bath, put on music that turns you on, and grab your favorite vibration. Devote time to the practice, since masturbation is largely a practice of self-care.

3. Close your eyes

When you close your eyes, you cut off one of your main sensory ports. And this, in turn, will make everything you feel extreme (in a good way). Really lean into everything that is happening to you, and pay attention to each nerve ending. If closing your eyes isn't doing it for you, try to add a blindfold into your sexual play for some bonus kink play.

4. Try edging

Edging is the easiest way to have a stronger, more intense orgasm. It's what happens when you repeatedly halt sexual play right before experiencing an orgasm. "Essentially, you slowly bring yourself closer and closer to coming, but hold back before going over the edge," says Nadia Kumentas, founder of the holistic wellness site Mingo Health.

Though this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, growing your pleasure threshold will only make the final release that much more explosive. When you become aroused and then let it go, the energy is recycled, waiting just under the surface to be ignited once again. If you keep building toward a finale, the endgame will be unreal. "By prolonging the whole juicy process, it makes everything more fun in general (whether you're solo or with a friend or two!)" says Kumentas.

5. Breathe into your orgasm

"The breath is of number one importance. It keeps the body loose and receptive, easier to arouse," says Elayne Daniels, PhD. Utilize all of those techniques you've heard of in yoga and Pilates classes, and breathe deeply and consciously during your entire sexual experience. It's easy to get excited and hold your breath, but avoid doing this in order to find a stronger, more intense orgasm.

6. Find a vibrator you love

A small vibrator can make all the difference during sex — especially for people with clitorises. Try something small and easy to maneuver like the Fin from Dame Products, or, if you want something more explosive, you can always opt for a rabbit-style vibrator that stimulates both the clitoris and internal pleasure spots at the same time. (Hello, blended orgasm.) And don't forget about anal play — adding a butt plug or anal beads to your normal masturbation habits can greatly improve your orgasm.

7. Try a new sex position

One of the best ways to enhance your orgasms is to try a new sex position. After all, your body can get used to the sensations that come from lying on your back or stomach consistently, so switching things up can be the spontaneous boost your orgasms need. Our suggestion? Try tipping the scales. This is often suggested for two people with vulvas, but really any duo could fall in love with this oral-sex position. Your partner lies on their back, and you get on top with your legs framing their face (almost like a 69 position). Prop yourself up with your arms, and move your hips back until their tongue is hitting just the right spot. You cum first, then you can perform oral on them.