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The Doll You Don't Want Your Daughter to Own

She hasn't hit the toy stores yet, but a new baby doll is already causing some serious controversy. Produced by Famosa Toys, the Nenuco Won't Eat doll refuses to eat during feeding time. An included fake spoon contains a magnet that, when close enough, causes the doll to close her mouth and turn her head. Though the toy received praise at the 2014 UK Toy Fair, even winning the best new toy award, moms are less than impressed. Many believe the doll promotes unhealthy eating habits, with some saying it encourages anorexia.

Famosa Toys responded to the negative feedback by releasing a statement on its site. The company said that the Nenuco line is meant to "re-create real life experiences between mothers and their babies, and to foster role play and positive learning." The statement went on to explain that the purpose of Nenuco Won't Eat is to teach kids that "his or her doll is mistaken in not wanting to eat," and by encouraging the doll to eat, the child learns healthy habits. The company will follow through with plans to sell the doll in European stores beginning Feb. 1.

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humu-abdulhamid1392121519 humu-abdulhamid1392121519 3 years
Omg what are they trying to teach our teens?
DB15382910 DB15382910 3 years
Is this “doll” so complex that it refuses to be fed until it's “Mommy” (i.e. some lucky 3 year old recipient) coaxes it to do so? Is the doll so intuitive that it's hard-wired to require the self-absorbed 3 preschooler to form a bond and find a way to provide comfort?? Maybe... Maybe Not... Maybe Not YET.  I'm sure they (the all-powerful creators of toys) will find a way to make this an *affordable* reality... outside of our highschooler's Home Education courses that can afford those ALL TOO LIFE-LIKE babies. Maybe they can make them a tad less homely during mass production. (o_O) Alright, THAT being said... I think that this has the potential to be a HUGE money maker, moreover it *may* be the perfect tool for .•°•Big Sisters In-Training•°•.  who perhaps are feeling a bit scared of a new arrival, or even a hardheaded preschooler that just hasn't realized her own ability to nurture. :)  
doraHetrick doraHetrick 3 years
This is just a "gut" reaction. All babies close their mouths and turn their heads once in awhile. Most aren't anorexic. Overthinking can result in unnecessary stress for the mother and manipulative behavior on the part of babies. ( Yes, these little people CAN be manipulative.) Enjoy the funny parts of parenting along with all the other parts. This doll may even present a chance for mother and baby to laugh at the funny parts.
Tracy-MichelleGuinn1366838538 Tracy-MichelleGuinn1366838538 3 years
Please I know my kids weren't the only picky eaters! My daughter was breast fed till she was 14 months old because she refused to eat anything else. Of course she picks vacation day to quit suddenly. Her brother was the opposite though now they are both picky eaters. I mean sheesh does having a doll that pees or poops untoilet train our kids? Honestly though my daughter would get really bored with this doll really fast but then again she has 5 dolls that at 10 she never plays with. She strips them down and then they collect dust. She much prefers stuffed animals and little people type animals. Moms don't stress out so much and let your kids play without worrying that everything will screw them up for a lifetime. Enjoy them.
Harriett-MadayoWatson1386881370 Harriett-MadayoWatson1386881370 3 years
Just because something is realistic behavior out in the world of child rearing, poor eating habits "should never be reinforced" and with a toy that shows it over and over. That's called negative reinforcement. Parents have plenty of challenges now and some don't appear to realize that they don't need to buy a toy that's going to make their job harder. Please parents, think.
tydarden1 tydarden1 3 years
People are so stupid sometimes and they need something to do other than create controversial nonsense!
CoMMember13628975314351 CoMMember13628975314351 3 years
Kids don't need dolls that DO anything. Give them a simple doll and let them use their own imaginations to role play in whatever way they want.
Xana-elisonNeson1378132174 Xana-elisonNeson1378132174 3 years
I don't see how this is controversial. I doubt it will teach bad habits to kids. It's supposed to be funny, not to teach.
JaynePeterson1379693218 JaynePeterson1379693218 3 years
I think the ultimate message depends on the individual child. Unfortunately, I also think that kids will get bored playing with a doll thate defies them and maybe the toy company should have used something other than a magnet, perhaps making it possible for the doll to accept the spoon sometimes and refuse occasionally thus creating a more realistic situation. Babies don't ALWAYS refuse food, if they did they would starve to death. It's only logical, Captain.
JessicaWarnock1370111038 JessicaWarnock1370111038 3 years
most if not ALL babies and children refuse to eat at some point. its totally normal. i think its more real and while that part of toot childhood seems like ages ago... try to remember how you played. i had a doll who ate cookies she came with, i still took another piece of fake food and tried feeding her. or a spoon or fork. it usually resulted in me saying "oh your,not hungry?" or "you don't like it? ok" role playing and making up stories and situations is good and a doll that does,more than sit there taking whatever your kid shoves in their face gives your kid a new way to play. encourages anorexia? are you high? babies are some of the pickiest eaters and this depicts that perfectly. id let my kids play with it for 'his or her doll' oh and i will join in that slow clap
Stacy21017 Stacy21017 3 years
Can I get a slow clap for Nenuco for saying "HIS or her doll"?? #Awesome
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