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Baby Names From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones-Inspired Baby Names Are Surging in Popularity — Even the Unique Ones

If you're as obsessed with Game of Thrones as we are, we'd find it hard to believe your mind hasn't wandered to the thought of raising your own little Arya Stark or Jon Snow — by name only, of course (ain't nobody got time to raise a man for the Night's Watch). Unsurprisingly, many of the names from the series, even the truly unique ones, have been on the rise in recent years due to the show's popularity (according to the Social Security Administration, 370 baby girls were named Khaleesi in 2016!).

To pay tribute to the best show on television, why not consider a baby name with a tie to King's Landing or Winterfell? House Stark could sure use a few more members these days . . .

Scroll through for over 50 of the best baby names inspired by Game of Thrones and the show's actors.


  1. Bran (Stark)
  2. Bronn
  3. Daario (Naharis)
  4. Davos (Seaworth)
  5. Eddard (Stark)
  6. Jaime (Lannister)
  7. Joffrey (Baratheon)
  8. Jon (Snow)
  9. Jorah (Mormont)
  10. Khal (Drogo)
  11. Kit (Harrington)
  12. Oberyn (Martell)
  13. Petyr (Baelish)
  14. Ramsay (Snow/Bolton)
  15. Renly (Baratheon)
  16. Rickon (Stark)
  17. Robb (Stark)
  18. Robin (Arryn)
  19. Samwell (Tarly)
  20. Sandor (Clegane)
  21. Stannis (Baratheon)
  22. Theon (Greyjoy)
  23. Tommen (Baratheon)
  24. Tormund (Giantsbane)
  25. Tyrion (Lannister)
  26. Varys


  1. Arya (Stark)
  2. Brienne (of Tarth)
  3. Catelyn (Stark)
  4. Cersei (Lannister)
  5. Daenerys (Targaryen)
  6. Ellaria (Sand)
  7. Emilia (Clarke)
  8. Gilly
  9. Khaleesi
  10. Lyanna (Stark/Mormont)
  11. Lysa (Arryn)
  12. Maisie (Williams)
  13. Margaery (Tyrell)
  14. Meera (Reed)
  15. Melisandre
  16. Missandei
  17. Myrcella (Baratheon)
  18. Nymeria (Sand)
  19. Olenna (Tyrell)
  20. Roslin (Frey)
  21. Sansa (Stark)
  22. Shae
  23. Shireen (Baratheon)
  24. Sophie (Turner)
  25. Talisa (Stark)
  26. Tyene (Sand)
  27. Yara (Greyjoy)
  28. Ygritte

Image Source: HBO
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