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Baby Talk: The 15 Most Common First Words

Baby Talk: The 15 Most Common First Words

He speaks! Few words are as eagerly anticipated as your baby’s first. After the initial excitement and cooing over his genius subsides, many of us wonder whether that first word was a common one. Wonder no more. We asked over 11,000 Circle of Moms members to share their baby’s first word, and here are the most common answers:

The 15 Most Common First Words

1. Dad (or Dada, Daddy, Papa, etc.)

2. Mom (or Mama, Mommy, Mum, etc.)

3. Hi (or Hiya, Hey, Heya, Hello)

4. Buba (or Bub or Baba)

5. Dog (or Doggy, Puppy)

6. Ball

7. No

8. Cat (or Kitty)

9. Nana

10. Bye

11. Duck

12. Ta (or Tata)

13. Baby

14. Uh oh

15. Car

Why These Words?

Not surprisingly, variations of dad and mom top the list, with 52 percent of surveyed respondents citing a first word related to dad (#1), and 35 percent of respondents offering up mom (#2).

Why do dads seem to get the first word honor more often? One reason is that the d sound is easier for babies to utter than the m sound. On that note, animal words starting with a hard consonant are also common first words, so don’t feel bad if your little one says duck (#11), dog (#5), or cat (#8) before mama!


Other high-frequency first words are the ones baby hear us say a lot. If you're unaware of how frequently you say "uh oh" or "no," this can take you by surprise. And if you're chagrined that your baby's first word was no (#7), you may be comforted to learn that yes is far less common.

Also in this group are words moms may say frequently but never expect their little ones to repeat. Case in point: among the 11,000 moms surveyed, 10 share that their baby’s first word was a four-letter S-word that's a synonym for poop. Whoops!

Was your baby's first word surprising or funny?

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CoMMember13616567812614 CoMMember13616567812614 5 years
My oldest daughter it wad Dada and my youngest was Mama so it evened out! :-)
CoMMember13627457815888 CoMMember13627457815888 5 years
My girl is 3 days shy of 3 months, and her daddy and I talk to her constantly, and Im always making the m sound when i talk to her, "mmmommy loves you, and mmmommy is changing ur bummm bumm lol, when she wants her bottle she will say mmmom mom, and if she dont get it within a couple minutes she'll say, " dadda and da ey lol. it sounds soo cute.
CandiceHeywardSpence CandiceHeywardSpence 6 years
If ladies want their bubs to say 'Mummy' first - then refer to your partner as 'Mummy's Husband' hehehehee worked for my stepmother - and she then had both my babies say Nana first by introducing me as 'Nana's Daughter' :D I do not mind - she is a awesome lady :P
DianeDavis28027 DianeDavis28027 6 years
My grandson, Mason the magnificent says those things but he also says boat, ski, sled and outside. Usually he says these words first thing in the morning, wake up-go do something fun.
DijiGeorge DijiGeorge 6 years
My daughter's first word was Jesus! :-)
nataliescott17725 nataliescott17725 6 years
my daughters first word was ball .... her second was balloon!!! Hilarious
HeatherCotter HeatherCotter 6 years
My daughter talked a little later than I'd have expected- eleven months- but she skipped over a first word for a first complete sentence. We were playing peek-a-boo with the dog- I'd throw a blanket over him and ask her, "Where's the puppy? Where's the puppy?", then pull it away and go, "There he is!" They both loved it. Around the fifteenth time I threw the blanket over him and asked, "Where's the puppy?", she answered for me, "There he is!" It was pretty awesome. :-)
AmyBrandt15899 AmyBrandt15899 6 years
My daughter's first word was Walmart.. I swear!!
KaraBystrom KaraBystrom 6 years
My daughter's first word was banana 'nana'
maureenhoward maureenhoward 6 years
My daughter's first word was puppy. I thought that was odd but now I see it is in the top 5!
trishalawrence52267 trishalawrence52267 6 years
My son who still loves his food! His first word was cheese! and everytime you went ear the fridge he would say cheese cheese! for a slice of cheese and he was only 4 months old! LOL memories! XXX
JessChui JessChui 6 years
sometimes I can hear my 5 mth daughter cry for her milk by saying nian nian (chinese works means milk)....
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