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This 1 Dad Wearing His Newborn to Work Is Seriously Cuteness Overload

One dad racked up some serious brownie points when he decided not only to wear his baby, but also to wear him at his office. Chicago-based chiropractor Tom Williams, owner of Roots Family Chiropractic, pulled double duty, treating his patients and getting one-on-one time with his teeny-tiny son, Oliver, in an adorable video.

Williams, who wears his son at work a few times a week, said that it was a decision he and his wife, Lauren, made to balance a busy work schedule with caring for the 9-week-old baby. "Lauren and Oliver made their first appearances back in the office at 1.5 weeks after he was born," explained Williams. "We knew we were going to baby-wear in the office before he was born because we knew it would allow us to have both hands free most of the time."

And the patients at Roots Family Chiropractic have welcomed the Williams' new bundle of joy with open arms.

"Our practice members were excited for us when they heard news when Lauren was pregnant," said Williams. "She worked in the office throughout her pregnancy, and we were at the office all day when she was in labor with Oliver. You might think our practice members would think it was odd we were at the office when she was in labor, but they were thrilled for us that Oliver would be joining us soon."

Along with having tons of incredible father-son bonding moments to add to the family scrapbook, babywearing also has its fair share of health benefits. A study from La Leche League International says that colic and crying are greatly reduced when the baby is consistently worn in its first few months of life. There are also numerous physiological benefits of skin-to-skin contact for newborn babies — ranging from improved temperature control to increased breastfeeding duration to more mature sleep cycles — which directly supports optimal brain development and improved parental-infant bonding, according to research from Pacific Medical Centers.

Williams also admits that working as a chiropractor gave him a serious leg up when it came to deciding whether or not to bring Oliver to work. "[At the office] we see great importance on raising healthy kids so that they don't become sick adults," explained Williams. "This is why Lauren and I do everything we can to improve the growth and development of Oliver, starting with Lauren's pregnancy and the birth, and now mainly focusing on chiropractic adjustments, physical contact, tummy time, and breastfeeding. I wear him in the office because it's a chance for me to strengthen our bond."

And for soon-to-be parents, Williams — who recommends the Solly Baby Wrap — suggests babywearing if your career allows for the flexibility.

"I truly love wearing him, and that's why we do it all the time. It really is our normal life, having him wrapped to us," he said. "You'd rarely see us with a stroller, and people are completely amused by it. I know it benefits the three of us, being able to wear him, and we will keep doing it as long as it is not disruptive to the care I provide to my practice members."

Image Source: Tom Williams
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