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Dad Finds Cat in Fairy Wings

Dad Has 2 Young Daughters and "About Once a Week" Finds His Cat Like This

I have two young daughters. About once a week I find our cat like this. from r/daddit

As the (sometimes) proud owner of two rambunctious kittens, I would never in my wildest dreams imagine that either of them could stay still long enough for me to put any sort of costume on them, let alone stay in it if I were to be successful. Two little girls with a 9-year-old cat, however, don't seem to have that issue. Their dad, Chris, shared hilarious evidence that some cats will let you dress them in the form of a photo of the cat wearing bright pink fairy wings.

"I have two young daughters. About once a week I find our cat like this," Chris wrote in a post to Reddit, adding in the comments, "When he's around our kids, he's so docile. He sits there and takes it and only tries to sneak away when they aren't looking."

At least he's a good sport about it . . . my cats would certainly scratch my eyes out.

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